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Inexpensive Kindle books for 11 yr old girl

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chocfemme · 12/06/2014 07:19


Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations for some decent books for an avid 11 year old reader. We are going on holiday soon so I plan to load up her Kindle as I know she'll get through a lot.

She has a wide taste in books so any suggestions will be much appreciated!

She's read all the free E Nesbit stories available. Does anyone know of other similar free books?

Thank you Smile

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kazzawazzawoo · 12/06/2014 12:52

Has she read The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett? It's free for the Kindle. Also Little Women, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Black Beauty The Just So Stories, Anne of Green Gables, Doctor Dolittle, The Journey to the Centre of the Earth, A Little Princess, The Wizard of Oz, Heidi are available for under 50p each.

chocfemme · 12/06/2014 23:06

She has some of these already but there are one or two she hasn't yet read so I will check them out.

Thank you!

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PomBearWithAnOFRS · 23/06/2014 23:52

My DD loves the Treadwell Academy series, but I would recommend reading them yourself first to see if they are "suitable" or not - they deal with some serious issues. I like them and was happy for DD to read them, and told her we could chat about anything in them that she wanted to know about/have explained, but I think it would depend on the reader iykwim.

ancientbuchanan · 24/06/2014 00:18

You can get all of hodgson burnett on kindle, so a little princess, little lord fauntleroy, the making if a marchioness.

The Emily books by lm Montgomery too.

Jane eyre

Sherlock Holmes

The father brown stories.

Kipling, the just so stories, the mowgli stories, plain tales from the hills, puck of pooks hill and rewards and fairies ( quite like e nesbit, same period)

Arthur Ransome ( I haven't checked)

Pollyanna is on there, so is what Katy did, and Rebecca if sunnybrook farm afair. All classics.

Little women, good wives, little men, Jo's boys.

Haven't looked for but I enjoyed 3 men in a boat at her age.

Black beauty.

Treasure island, catriona

The 39 steps and Greenmantle, Huntingtower

Not sure how expensive the little white horse is, and the rosemary sutcliffs. The eagle of the 9 th us the one to start with...

Nearly all the others I have quoted are free ( I've got them....).

chocfemme · 24/06/2014 22:07

Thanks all, some great ideas here. She has read some of these already but there are many I hadn't thought of. I've downloaded quite a few for our holiday...hopefully she will enjoy the choices!

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