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Ideas for holiday reading please

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Loobylou3 · 09/06/2014 21:15

Hi, just after some ideas/suggestions to take on holiday for my dd. She is in reception but doing really well with her reading (currently turquoise at school). We are going to America for 3 weeks in the summer and want to take some books, without filling our cases, to continue our daily reading.
So she is reading 30ish page books a day. I was thinking maybe some simple chapter books, maybe with some illustrations that we could read a chapter or two a day.
We have read a couple of those terrible magic fairy books and want to avoid anymore!
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

P.s I know I am going to get some replies saying it is a holiday don't worry but it is something she really enjoys and we are keen to continue this good habit throughout the summer.


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emmaMBC · 09/06/2014 21:20

I think your right - holiday + reading = great combination.

How about the Violet Mackerel series - these are great ones to read together. Wonderful pencil illustrations so they feel grown up without being too overwhelming. Oh, and they definitely top 'those terrible magic fairy books' Smile

Claude books are great, but might be too slim for the holiday.

Loobylou3 · 10/06/2014 13:37

Thank you
will take a look.

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