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Slightly more advanced picture books for 4 year old girl?

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Meandacat · 05/06/2014 16:25

While not yet ready to move on to chapter books, my dd is getting bored with easier picture books i.e. anything with only 2-3 lines of story per page. We're both enjoying the Alfie books by Shirley Hughes, which still have lovely pictures for her to look at but with a longer story for me to read. Anything else along those lines that anyone can recommend?

Also, any early readers that she could attempt herself?

OP posts:
GreggsOnLegs · 05/06/2014 16:27

You choose or just imagine - nick sharratt

TortoiseUpATreeAgain · 05/06/2014 16:35

In your first category, <a class="break-all" href="//" rel="nofollow noindex" target="_blank">The Princess and the Pig by Jonathan Emmett.

Takver · 05/06/2014 21:30

Katie Morag, definitely, for longer picture books. Also the Winnie the Witch picture books (there are early readers, too, which are also nice to read aloud)

Kind of chapter books (though each 'chapter' is a stand alone story), but Teddy Robinson is ideal for a 4 year old, and there's still lots of pictures.

HiawathaDidntBotherTooMuch · 06/06/2014 21:10

I have a 6yo DS and I still read picture books with him, so I understand where you are coming from. We have loads of longer picture books, more text that usual on a page, with more subtleties or less babyish humour in the language.

What about:

Paddington - there are loads of them
Anything by Peter Bentley. Cats Ahoy in particular is fantastic
The pirates next door by Jonny Duddle
If she likes chapter books, the Roald Dahl colour illustrated picture books are fab. The shorter ones are The Twits and Fantastic Mr Fox. The Enormous Crocodile isn't a chapter book and is a good introduction to Roald Dahl. They are buy one get another half price in WHSmith at the moment
Winnie the Witch picture books. They are 12 or15 in a pack on the book people for about £15 or so.
DS is train mad and he likes the Thomas the Tank Engine movie storybooks which are longer than other Thomas books. Takes me about 20 minutes to read one to him

Am I along the right lines? Let me know if I am and I will think of some more.

Leeds2 · 06/06/2014 22:20

The Happy Family's series? There are loads of them!

And, also, shudders the Rainbow Fairies.

Ifyoubuildit · 06/06/2014 22:24

The iron man, flat Stanley, dogger, the magic faraway tree - all popular in our house.

Look at this for reading books - the first readers are great -

ThinkIveBeenHacked · 06/06/2014 22:28

All the Julia Donaldson ones seem to be quite wordy.
Jolly Postman
As above - the happy family series

CatL · 07/06/2014 11:56

The owl who was afraid of the dark - the picture book version. Lovely story and longer than most picture books. Also usbourne fairy tale books from book people or similar.
Watching with interest as dd also 4. Just started to do chapter books sometimes - enormous crocodile, fantastic mr fox and claude in the city gone down well- but most of the time she would still prefer a shorter book we can finish in one go, so would love suggestions for more interesting and advanced picture books! Showed her a Paddington chapter book in the library after she had enjoyed the picture book, and she was horrified by the lack of pictures!

MirandaWest · 07/06/2014 11:59

I was going to say Katie Morag. Love pictures and very "nice" stories as well. DD is 8 and still likes them.

Personally I would say don't introduce the Rainbow Magic Fairies - she will probably find them herself at some point and you might as well leave it as long as possible Grin

KeepCalmAndLOLKittens · 07/06/2014 14:27

Rainbow Magic books are dire aren't they? We had a free sample - half a book - with a comic. Something about a magic chocolate bar. Yawn. DD didn't ask me to buy the second half.

emmaMBC · 07/06/2014 18:35

Yep, don't give up the picture books too quickly ... I love them!!

Here are some more detailed picture book, where the story is a bit more involved ... perfect step up before heading into chapter books.

Mr Miniscule and the Whale

Elys Dolan's books have lots on each page to examine and pour over.

The Day the Crayons Quit from Oliver Jeffers, there's a separate letter on each page, which can't help ignite an interest in letters too. But, overall, it's sooooo much fun!

and finally,

Mouseton Abbey you can see from the image that there is a fair amount of text on the page. It is really cute!!

Have fun!!

Slightly more advanced picture books for 4 year old girl?
nonicknameseemsavailable · 07/06/2014 22:08

The Lighthouse Keeper books

LoblollyBoy · 08/06/2014 22:17

Brambley hedge.

wearymum200 · 08/06/2014 22:37

Definitely Katie Morag, also James Mayhew "Katie " books (there are loads). Shirley Hughes' Lucy and Tom stories, the Wombles
Us borne young reading series has loads of graded books with lots of pictures and increasingly long stories.
Chapter books with pictures: My naughty little sister, Astrid Lindgren Lotta books, Horrid Henry if you can bear him, Flat Stanley, Anna hibiscus.

BlueChampagne · 09/06/2014 13:28

Second Katie Morag and Lighthouse Keeper, and add 'Claude' books by Alex T Smith and 'Janet Reachfar' books.

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