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Join in for children's book recommendations.

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Recommended cook books for children aged 4 years

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vs0u1085 · 22/03/2014 15:34

Recommendations would be great. I've looked at:
I Can Cook - Sally Brown
Children's First Cookbook: Have Fun in the Kitchen! - Annabel Karmel
The Minichefs Cookbook - Claire McAvoy
Cooking with Kids: Great Recipes, Fresh Ingredients, Fun Activities - Erin Quon
First Cookbook (Usborne First Cookbooks) - Angela Wilkes; Spiral-bound

There are so many contradictory reviews. I am looking for something with lots of savoury recipes (for main meals) that a nearly 4 year old can help with. Also, e.g. I have read somewhere that the usborne spiral book is american e.g. measurements are in cups, and ingredients are such as corn syrup.

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Inkspellme · 22/03/2014 17:39


I can recommend a book called "The ultimate step-by-step kids first cookbook" by Nancy McDougall. There is a good mix of savoury dishes and some healthy sweet ones. (couple of unhealthy ones too!)

The kids in the nursery where I work choose things for them to cook from it for their cookery club. I also have it at home despite the youngest being 11 - I use it myself.

vs0u1085 · 22/03/2014 17:42

thank you for the info sounds like a winner :)

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