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Looking for a copy of Marks and Spencer 'Spencer bear ? version about 6/7 years ago

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Rosa · 05/03/2014 17:39

It was a gift and adored by dd - we can all still quote bits from it . It was lost in a house move and we would love to get a copy. Its starts ' we are going on a picnic and everything is ready, but someone special is missing its Spencer bear my teddy' Then they go and hunt and find Charlie the horse and a few others and eventually Spencer. It was a lift the flap book.
Have looked in lots of second hand shops and on ebay and M&S do a newer version.

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Rosa · 06/03/2014 17:21


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wakeupeverybody · 12/03/2014 19:52

We have a copy of this that sounds like it is the right version as it was a gift for my daughter who is 6. it is currently being enjoyed by DC3! Who is only 18m so we still want it but if you still want a copy in a year or so then I'd be happy to send it to you

weebarra · 12/03/2014 19:54

I'm pretty sure we still have it. I will look and let you know.

Parliamo · 12/03/2014 19:57

We have one! I think one flap is torn! Pm me if you want it (not that I've ever used pm) will I know how to make it work?!

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