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Books with an underwater science fiction theme please

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ILoveRacnoss · 17/12/2013 00:15

That's what 9yo reluctant reader DS said he wanted for Christmas!

He likes sea creatures, The Hobbit, Minecraft and Lego. He is not interested in the Alex Rider series and lost interest in Percy Jackson. Then he announces that he wants underwater sci fi... any ideas please?


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ILoveAFullFridge · 17/12/2013 00:27

I wonder whether there is a modernised/updated/abridged version if 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea? Ds1 read it at about 9 or 10, but he is an avid reader.

ILoveRacnoss · 17/12/2013 00:45

20,000 Leagues was my first thought... but 1870...?! I will search :-)

OP posts:
RenterNomad · 17/12/2013 01:19

Any novelisations of Seaquest DSV?

ILoveAFullFridge · 17/12/2013 07:31

This sounds attractive.

scaevola · 17/12/2013 07:37
SpookedMackerel · 17/12/2013 07:39

Diving Adventure, by Willard Price? Not sure if it is in print. It is a great read, though, and I would say he is the perfect age for it.

scaevola · 17/12/2013 07:42

SpookedMackerel - you sound like the perfect contributor to this thread!

Does your user name come from literature?

EvilRingahBitch · 17/12/2013 07:51

There's a popup 20,000 Leagues under the sea by Sam Ita which is fabulous and v suitable for that age.

Or Artemis Fowl and The Atlantis Complex.

SpookedMackerel · 17/12/2013 18:29

Ha ha, Scaevola, it is rather an appropriate name! Not a literary allusion though, just what remains of my Halloween name change.

ILoveRacnoss · 17/12/2013 19:19

Thank you all. I've ordered the pop-up version and a comic-book version too.

I'd totally forgotten about Seaquest DSV!!! I used to love that show in a "filled the gap when Star Trek wasn't on" kind of way. Off to hunt for DVDs now.

And I've ordered the first of the Adam Blade Sea Quests as that's about a squid (DS's current obsession!). He wasn't too wild about Beast Quest, but the sea ones might float his boat [groan].

Thanks again Thanks

OP posts:
BlueChampagne · 18/12/2013 12:59

Emma Tupper's Diary (which I must have read at about 9) features an underwater hunt for the Loch Ness monster if that helps.

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