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Paperback preschooler books about A5 size

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MrsMeeple · 21/11/2013 20:16

We're going travelling and I'm looking for some small format books to take with us. DS will be almost 3. Preferably paperbacks in about A5 size. Does anyone have any suggestions? TIA

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Takver · 21/11/2013 21:55

We used to have loads of Red Fox Mini Treasures for train journeys which are very small & light (think half A5 size). They're reduced size versions of well known children's classics - physically smaller but all the story, IYKWIM. I don't know if they still do them, but suspect you could get them 2nd hand.

Tractorandtree · 21/11/2013 22:01

They do still do the red fox mini treasures as I got some a month or so ago. They're good for travelling.

Series like Thomas the tank engine and mr men tend to be small paperback books too and you can usually pick then up cheaply in places like The Works or through the Book People.

MrsMeeple · 22/11/2013 20:39

will go check out Red Fox. Thanks. :)

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