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Brothers Grimm fairytales etc - good edition for a 5 year old?

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DTisMYdoctor · 24/08/2013 10:23

I'd like to get DS a nice edition of these, along with a few other classic story collections - but there are numerous editions available. Can anyone recommend a nice edition? Ideally I'd like something that's nice to keep.

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DTisMYdoctor · 27/08/2013 12:59

A wee bump in case it catches anyone's eye...

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mrssmiling · 27/08/2013 20:42

This book looks lovely - simply because of the great illustrators
link. The Book People have a good Usborne collection, and if you are looking for other classic stories, it will be worth browsing their website. Lots of bargains!

DTisMYdoctor · 04/09/2013 20:51

Ooh thank you, I'd given up on anyone posting Grin. I'd looked at a few usborne books online but wasn't sure if they were abridged versions or 're-told'. I really should go into a book shop if there are any left

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