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Does anyone know the title of this book?

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arabesque · 19/07/2013 16:04

It's set in the early twentieth century and is about a girl who goes to stay with a friend in London whose mum is a suffragette and she really has her eyes opened to that whole world.

I won it as an English prize in school when I was about 12 and would love to re-read it.

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NigellaEllaElla · 19/07/2013 19:51

Absolutely no idea but I'll give it a bump for you. Good luck!

DeWe · 19/07/2013 20:09

Could it be in the same series as "The Workhouse Child"?

DeWe · 19/07/2013 20:11

Yes, found one by her:

Same children: Review says
Thirteen-year-old Pansy expected her London visit with Atalanta to be exciting but she hadn't counted on getting arrested for participating in the Suffragette movement.

DeWe · 19/07/2013 20:12
NigellaEllaElla · 19/07/2013 20:13

Wow! That's impressive DeWe

arabesque · 22/07/2013 13:43

Thanks so much DeWe. That is the book I was looking for.Flowers

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