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Join in for children's book recommendations.

Children's books

Can you recommend a book for DD aged 10 and me to enjoy together?

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XBenedict · 03/07/2013 13:31

DD loves to read and as such I feel I've neglected her a bit as DD2 went through a stage of prolonged bedtimes. Anyway it's all sorted now and I would like to get into the habit of sharing a book with her in the evening. She has read most of the age appropriate Jacqueline Wilson, David Walliams, books herself. I was hoping for some inspiration, maybe something more classic, I'm open to suggestion.

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IndridCold · 03/07/2013 13:43

DS and I loved reading Paddington together at about that age. Sometimes we were both crying with laughter. Just William stories are great fun too!

DeWe · 03/07/2013 13:44

What about Secret garden/Little Women/Little Princess/Five Children and It ones? Or one that is slightly less known: called "The Little Prince" by Frances Hodgson Burnett.
My dds round that age have loved the Green Knowe (Lucy Boston) series, Minnow on the Say, Noel Streatfields, Little White Horse, Swallows and Amazons, The Hobbit, Roman Mysteries, Narnia, Alex Rider series.

IndridCold · 03/07/2013 13:46

The E Nesbit books are good too.

XBenedict · 03/07/2013 13:47

We've done Narnia. She might like Little Women, and Black Beauty springs to mind too.

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XBenedict · 03/07/2013 13:47

Ooh E Nesbit good thinking!

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XBenedict · 03/07/2013 13:50

Just downloaded 5 Children and It and The Railway Children for free from Amazon!

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BlueChampagne · 03/07/2013 13:52

DeWe I could have written your list! Would also add Susan Cooper's "The Dark is Rising" and "Wolves of Willoughby Chase" series by Joan Aiken.

BlueChampagne · 03/07/2013 13:53

Maybe even Terry Pratchett - Tiffany Aching series?

CambridgeBlue · 03/07/2013 13:55

We're reading Anne of Green Gables and DD (11) seems to be enjoying it. She also liked the Little House on the Prairie series, What Katy Did and some Noel Streatfield.

I tend to read her what I like more 'classic' stuff and leave Jacqueline Wilson et al for her own time because I think they're awful.

XBenedict · 03/07/2013 13:56

Ah now I bought a Terry Prachett a while ago for her and we haven't read it yet - must look that out, can't remember what it was called though.

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XBenedict · 03/07/2013 13:57

I feel the same Cambridge although I quite enjoyed Hetty Feather

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imnotmymum · 03/07/2013 13:58

Oh I have not read with mine for ages. Will pull my finger out!! The Dark is rising yes love that book

DolphinnosePotatoes · 03/07/2013 13:58

My recommendation would be The Wolves of Willoughby Chase by Joan Aiken. Here is the amazon review:

"It's 19th-century England during the reign of King James II, but it's not the England we know from the history books. This country is overrun with wolves that roam the forests, providing the perfect setting for a witty and dramatic story spanning the whole country, from the frozen North to the city of London, and peopled with all manner of evil governesses and ancient aunts."

"Filled with brilliantly-drawn Dickensian characters, it would make an excellent choice for strong preteen readers who like an old-fashioned story with a strong plot and good characterisation. This book often appears on lists of best-loved children's books."

Takver · 03/07/2013 15:22

For a modern recommendation, DD & I both really liked Fly by Night by Frances Hardinge. Its fabulous to read out loud, as the writing is amazing, in fact I think it is the only book that dd has asked me to read her twice (and I was happy to oblige) :)

pollywollydoodle · 03/07/2013 15:47

dd 9y and i have just read wind in the willows for the first time and loved it

pennyink · 03/07/2013 16:02

Have just been discussing the brilliant Marianne Dreams on another thread. Dd currently re-reading The Little Princess, which is my all time favourite.

pennyink · 03/07/2013 16:03

Another fab modern book is Helen Dunmore's Ingo. Her writing is lyrically beautiful and dd was entranced by this tale of mermaids.

Periwinkle007 · 03/07/2013 16:42

A Traveller in Time - Alison Uttley
Charlotte Sometimes

Periwinkle007 · 03/07/2013 16:42

oh and I would also say Paddington probably but it is one of my all time favourites

YoniBottsBumgina · 03/07/2013 16:43

Harry Potter is the obvious one for that age group.

Will have to have a think :) Little House on the Prairie series?

TheAccidentalExhibitionist · 03/07/2013 17:43

We love the 'A series of unfortunate events' by Lemony snickett. Absolutely brilliant. We sometimes all gather to hear the books we enjoy them so much.

XBenedict · 03/07/2013 17:45

She's read most of the HP's herself already and I'm not a big fan. Some lovely suggestions on here, thank you loads of titles I didn't know about.

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Foosyerdoos · 03/07/2013 17:48

She may be a little old for it but I loved 'King of the Copper Mountain', it is a lovely book. My dd also loved the Mr Gum books by Andy Stanton.

SDTGisAnEvilWolefGenius · 03/07/2013 17:48

"The Land Of Green Ginger" by Noel Langley - it is a very funny sequel to the Aladdin story. There's a flying back garden, a magician who has been turned into a button nosed tortoise, a talking baby, a donkey that sits on a pin, and villains called Rub Dub Ben Thud and Tin Tack Ping Foo.

It is available as a kindle download too.

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