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DaniC36 · 30/11/2012 10:02

Help!!! My 7 year old son thinks that reading is just a form of homework. I would really like him to start seeing reading as something fun that he wants to do. He is obsessed with football so does anyone know any series of football stories suitable for a 7 year old to read.

OP posts:
Chicksy · 30/11/2012 22:41

My 7 year old DS is exactly the same, so any suggestions would be great

WhoKnowsWhereTheTimeGoes · 30/11/2012 22:49

My 8 year old loves football too. He has enjoyed Cup Run by Martin Waddell and I have been looking at the TJ books by Theo Walcott and the Stanley Bagshaw books by Bob Wilson, but we haven't tried them yet. He gets Match and Match of the Day Annuals at Christmas and we buy Match of the Day comic most weeks.

gregcal · 01/12/2012 15:18

My boys enjoyed reading football stories by Rob Childs when they were young.

iseenodust · 04/12/2012 10:27

The Theo Walcott ones are good (came across them in our library). A bit easier/shorter are those by Martin Waddell in the sprinter banding.

iseenodust · 04/12/2012 10:29

Just remembered Oshie.

legalalien · 04/12/2012 11:08

I bribed my 5 year old ds to try and read more by offering him a Match subscription if he could show me he could read it. His reading improved enormously in the space of 3 days!!! He is now just 8.

He really enjoyed the Football Academy series by Tom Palmer. TP also wrote one called The Secret Football Club.

DS is also obsessed by cricket, for any cricket fans I can highly recommend the Glory Gardens CC series by Bob Cattell.

Back on football, ds also likes "you are the ref" which has comic strips with various complex refereeing problems. By Paul trevillion and Keith Hackett, gather it's based on a weekly strip in The Observer.

legalalien · 04/12/2012 11:11

Oh, and can also recommend the "Who wants to be a football millionaire?" Quiz book, as it incentivises lots of reading out loud, even if not a story book. But only if there is at least one other football fan in the house who is prepared to participate. :)

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes · 04/12/2012 11:49

I've bought DS the Brainbox Football quiz game from Amazon for Christmas.

legalalien · 04/12/2012 12:58

Who knows - ds really likes that, he received it for a birthday gift last month!

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes · 04/12/2012 14:35

Oh good! He's not as football obsessed as he was last year, but hoping he will still enjoy it, they get very good reviews on Amazon.

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