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Long shot. Does anyone know...

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tiggy114 · 24/09/2012 07:34

What book i'm refering to. It's a book i had as a young child (i'm 33 now!) and it's a pop uo movable book. All i can remember was it was different rooms in a monsters house/castle. And in the bedroom, baby monster was smearing mummies lipstick all over her face. And as you pulled the tab, the lipstick went up and down across her face. I loved this book soooo much and would love to find it again. Anyone know what it is???

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PoppadomPreach · 24/09/2012 07:41
PoppadomPreach · 24/09/2012 07:45
comixminx · 24/09/2012 07:50

Jan Pienkowski, as linked to above, is definitely your go-to author for cool pop-up books. Can't specifically remember the lipstick bit and we had the Haunted House, so perhaps try the other first.

WofflingOn · 24/09/2012 07:53

Did it have an octopus doing the washing up, and end with a box in the attic with something sawing its way out? A black cat whose yellow eyes moved?
Haunted house by JP.

InMySpareTime · 24/09/2012 07:55

It's not haunted house, I just looked through my copy, no baby lipstick monster.

tiggy114 · 24/09/2012 09:46

Not those but haunted house looks cool though. May invest as a halloween treat for my toddler Grin

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tiggy114 · 24/09/2012 09:50

Just googled J P. Oh my god i remember all those books! Meg the mog! They're sooooo expensive though i wouldn't dare let my DD touch one! I want them for me!

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timewastingonhere · 24/09/2012 09:52

I remember this...the lipstick was all smeared on the baby with a sort of detachable mirror - I would have said Haunted House as we had that book but if someone has checked it then I'm not sure....unless its been edited out in newer versions....

pumpkinsweetie · 24/09/2012 09:54

I think i had that book, it had a witch in it!
Will research for you, because now my mind is boggled to what it was called!

tiggy114 · 24/09/2012 09:55

Timewaste you are RIGHT! Thank god i'm not going mad! Sooo pleased someone else remembers. I'm gonna show my mum the cover of haunted house when i see her this aft, see if she recognises it.

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pumpkinsweetie · 24/09/2012 09:57
timewastingonhere · 24/09/2012 12:38

I still think it was Haunted House or maybe the same author published another book at the same time similar in style, but I remember the octopus at the kitchen sink- this thread has made me Smile on an otherwise bland day....

InMySpareTime · 24/09/2012 12:46

My haunted house was from when I was a child , no lipstick monster.
Jan Pienkowski did do another book called "little Monsters" which had a monster wearing lipstick, and a mirror at the end.

timewastingonhere · 24/09/2012 14:09

In my spare time, that must be it...., like you I'm a fellow hoarder but I know those pop ups are with my brother as technically they were his....!

Thank you for the update Grin

heading to amazon now

tiggy114 · 24/09/2012 17:28

Little monsters requested at the library. Can't wait till it comes to see if it's the same one Grin

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