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Classic books for 7 year old DD

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goldmum · 16/09/2012 22:07

I was wondering if any of these would be suitable for DD (7):
Anne of Green Gables
Ballet Shoes
She is a good reader but I would like her to broaden her horizons a bit. Are my suggestions too grown up? Any other ideas for her to try?

OP posts:
outtolunchagain · 16/09/2012 22:11

Little House on their prairie series
Black Beauty
Wind in the Willows

Takver · 17/09/2012 09:16

Of your list I'd say Ballet Shoes yes, the others a bit later.

I think Anne is better for a 9 / 10 year old (even if you're reading it to her - its not so much a matter of reading age, more content - same is true of Little Women IMO).

Agree with the Little House books, would add all the other Noel Streatfields, the Swallows & Amazon books, Narnia books if she hasn't read them, Professor Branestawm books, the full length Wombles books (these last 2 are perfect for a 7 y/o good reader), My Friend Mr Leakey, maybe Jennings.

Takver · 17/09/2012 09:17

BTW if she finds the Swallows & Amazons a bit daunting in length they are great read aloud books, and the 70s film is also still good.

Poledra · 17/09/2012 09:32

DD1 is a good reader, and I read Anne to her during the last year - she is 8, and found it difficult to get into but adored it once she did. The problem is that she now wants to read the rest, and I feel they are too old for her!

Little House series is good (6-yo DD2 is reading them now) but be prepared to have some chats about the casual racism in them! I know some people who will not read them because of this, but I quite like opening the discussion with the DDs, as sadly, these attitudes are still with us in some form or another.

Am currently looking for other Noel Streatfields, as she has hugely enjoyed ballet shoes. The Mallory Towers and St Clares seris have gone down well too (though DD1 cannot decide whether she'd rather go to Hogwarts, Mallory Towers or St Clares...).

LeMousquetaireAnonyme · 17/09/2012 09:35

DD1 (7.5) really hated "black beauty". Actually it is quite difficult because written in very dated english.

She really liked the "wizard of Oz", "Alice in wonderland" and "through the mirror", "Charlie and the chocolate factory", "the BFG", she adores the "famous five" books (if you can say it is a classic).

Poledra · 17/09/2012 09:41

Oh yes, Wizard of Oz! I still had my set of 4 of the Oz books from when I was small, and DD1 loved them.

Must try DD2 on those...

Helbel78 · 17/09/2012 11:10

Have you tried Enid Blyton? My son loves her Faraway Tree books and the wishing chair books, he finds them tough to read but really enjoys me reading them to him and I actually enjoy reading them too.

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