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Join in for children's book recommendations.

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A monster calls

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lostinpants · 17/06/2012 09:15

This amazing book has just won the Carnegie Medal. My DS read it on a recommendation from the school librarian and was so impressed I read it too. It had both of us in floods of tears, it is an emotional roller coaster of a book - a truly heart breaking tale of grief and loss, beautifully written & illustrated. There are a few threads on 'what to read next?' - try this. Best suited to mature Year6 upwards.

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TheSurgeonsMate · 29/06/2012 13:48

The review for this was so good that I put it on my baby's Amazon Wishlist, so that she can read it in a decade's time!

amck5700 · 09/07/2012 21:58

If you enjoyed that, try the Chaos Walking trilogy also by Patrick Ness - my boys (10 and 11) loved them (I read them too!)

roisin · 09/07/2012 22:12

It is an incredible book; don't get it on kindle -the illustrations are beautiful.
It's very suitable for considerably older children too (secondary) and adults.
I first heard about it when Patrick Ness tweeted

for the book last summer.

, but I still think the german one is better (but it helps if you speak German of course!)
roisin · 09/07/2012 22:14

I enjoyed Chaos Walking immensely, but ds1 (12 at the time) didn't like it.

It's very different from The Monster Calls and wouldn't necessarily appeal to the same audience.

amck5700 · 09/07/2012 22:21

I haven't read the Monstor Calls yet - No 1 son bought it at the weekend and when he finishes then No 2 son gets it - Mum is at the back of the queue. Shame your son didn't enjoy the Chaos walking books. My younger boy has had one of the 3 books permanently glued to his hand for a couple of weeks.

roisin · 09/07/2012 22:49

He really struggled with the deliberate mis-spelling of words!

amck5700 · 09/07/2012 22:58

My boy just loved the dog but was confused as to whether it was actually talking or just thinking Confused

madamehooch · 10/07/2012 18:53

Don't get me started on the dog!:(

amck5700 · 10/07/2012 19:21

lol "Poo Todd?"

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