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Harry Potter location in Sussex?

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mrsmootoo · 08/06/2012 20:56

I'm sure someone told me there is an avenue of old trees (yew?) north of Chichester which features in Harry Potter somewhere, but I can't think of the name or place? Help! Planning a day out on the only nice day tomorrow...Thanks.

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Housemum · 09/06/2012 15:00

Had a quick Google and coudn't find anything - the woods in Goblet of Fire are Buckinghamshire, the only part in Sussex was a shot of the Seven Sisters cliffs near Eastbourne

mrsmootoo · 09/06/2012 20:19

Thanks - I think I found it - Kingley Vale - it's an avenue of trees - not sure now if it is in Harry Potter, someone told me, but it looks interesting anyway.

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