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What next after Harry Potter?

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bigTillyMint · 07/05/2012 19:01

DS has almost finished the last one and is wondering what he can read next.
He has read the Robert Muchamore series recently too. He is 11. Any suggestions?

OP posts:
Whatevertheweather · 07/05/2012 19:02

How about His Dark Materials - a trilogy of books by Phillip Pullman. They are fabulous.

smalltown · 07/05/2012 19:03

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HoneyDragonWearingLederhosen · 07/05/2012 19:04

Percy Jackson series is good, as is the Kanes one.

bigTillyMint · 07/05/2012 19:04

Wow, you were fastSmile

Thanks - I'll put them on the list!

OP posts:
cocolepew · 07/05/2012 19:05

DD read Phillip Pullman, Percy Jackson after HP

bigTillyMint · 07/05/2012 19:06

He has read the Percy Jacksons - loved them, so the Kanes one (is that the book title?) might be a good one.

OP posts:
HoneyDragonWearingLederhosen · 07/05/2012 19:10

First one is The Red Pyramid

bigTillyMint · 07/05/2012 19:13

OK, so Kanes is the author or the name of the hero?Smile

OP posts:
bigTillyMint · 07/05/2012 19:14

Aahh, found them on Amazon!

OP posts:
HoneyDragonWearingLederhosen · 07/05/2012 19:16

The Kane's are brother and sister. Riordian focuses on Egyptian mythology this time, but cleverly makes a nod to the Roman/ Greek for Percy fans.

They discover they are in a magic bloodline, and have to fight all sorts of evil doing.

BillComptonstrousers · 07/05/2012 19:19

Hunger games trilogy, that are fab!

tribpot · 07/05/2012 19:20

The Dark is Rising - the books are available on Amazon but I couldn't easily link to the set.

Has he read Narnia?

bigTillyMint · 07/05/2012 19:21

Thanks, HDWL - they sound right up DS's street!

BCT, are the Hunger Games books appropriate for an 11yo? He went to see the film with DH. DH was shell-shocked, but DS enjoyed itGrin

OP posts:
curiousgeorgie · 07/05/2012 19:22

Yes... The hunger games books are amazing!

BillComptonstrousers · 07/05/2012 19:58

My 11yo DD has just finished the third Hunger Games book and she really enjoyed them. I read them before her to check they were ok and ended up getting so into them, it only took me 2 days to read them all :-) The first one has a bit of violence, but very in keeping with the book, and nothing an 11yo boy can't handle.

startail · 07/05/2012 20:07

Alex Ryder

FermezLaBouche · 07/05/2012 20:08

Ooh I would recommend A series of unfortunate events, by Lemony Snicket. There are 13 books in total - I'm reading them to my class at the moment and they're hooked!

bigTillyMint · 07/05/2012 21:30

OK, Hunger Games is on - DD(nearly 13) might read them too, I guess as she liked the film!

Startail, he has listened to all the Alex Ryders, but maybe he would like to read them too. Similarly the Lemony Snickets - Book People CD's on long car journeys!

OP posts:
pickledsiblings · 07/05/2012 21:43

My DD graduated on to His Dark Materials too after HP Whatevertheweather.

SecretSpi · 09/05/2012 21:55

My 11-year-old is reading Ribblestrop by Andy Mulligan at the moment. If your son liked the boarding school aspect of HP, he might like this.

Chrestomanci · 29/05/2012 23:41

Diana Wynne Jones, (as you may tell from my username I am a fan)

Fozzleyplum · 29/05/2012 23:55

I'd second Diana Wynne Jones. My DS1 read all the Harry Potters one after the other, about 18 months ago. He was bereft until we discovered Chrestomanci.

Metabilis3 · 04/06/2012 09:44

I was going to say anything by Diana Wynne Jones too, but others got here before me Grin (though IMO the Chrestomanci books are far from her best). I am currently curled up with DD2 and she is reading Howl's Moving Castle while I reread A Song of Ice and Fire again. Happy days Grin

expatbrat · 16/06/2012 04:45

Terry Pratchett makes for a good change in pace. Good to laugh out loud sometimes :)

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