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My retro-style adventure for 9-12s, "The Bother in Burmeon" has been published!

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SecretSpi · 30/04/2012 15:04

First of all, I hope I'm allowed to make an announcement of this sort on this topic board. If it's bad form, please can Mumsnet let me know? Thanks!

I'm really thrilled to announce the publication of my retro-style adventure story for 9-12s, "The Bother in Burmeon." With more than a nod to Biggles and the adventure classics of the 20th century, it's the story of a boy who goes back in time to 1962 and falls straight into an adventure with his pilot granddad. The story is chock-a-block with beasts, bombs, baddies, dastardly deeds - and some jolly good chaps.

The book's website is at // and the publisher's website is at //

Many thanks for taking a look.

OP posts:
neverquitesure · 02/05/2012 20:52

That looks like my kind of book Grin, congratulations on getting published and great website.

DSS is only 8, but a strong reader so might put it on his holiday list!

SecretSpi · 04/05/2012 13:05

Thanks! :)
It'll be fine for your son, I think. It's not too long (204 pages) and I would have put 8+ as the age range but the publishing industry standard is 9-12 so had to tow the line...

OP posts:
neverquitesure · 04/05/2012 21:41

Yay - then I can borrow it after him Grin

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