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a question for Cynthia Voight fans

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sphil · 29/04/2012 20:53

Is Cisco in Seventeen Against the Dealer meant to be Francis Verricker, Dicey's father? Have just reread the wholes series after many years ( it's been raining A LOT here) and was just wondering.

OP posts:
oricella · 29/04/2012 20:57

never thought about it that way... was his age ever mentioned? Thought he'd be closer to Dicey's age

oricella · 29/04/2012 20:59

by the way, if you could tell me how to pronounce Dicey I'd be grateful (only ever read the books in translation and ended up with something like Dee Cee, which I suspect is wrong)

LaBelleDameSansPatience · 04/05/2012 22:20

I always pronounced it 'Dye See' in my head. Haven't read them for a long time .... .

quirrelquarrel · 27/05/2012 17:47

God I love Cynthia Voigt, but I've only read a few of her books because I hardly ever come across them.
I say it the same way as la Belle Dame.

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