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Looking a for a book from my childhood

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WinkyWinkola · 23/03/2012 19:10

It was definitely illustrated by Quentin Blake but I don't remember if he wrote it.

As far as I recall, It was about a very messy attic getting fuller and fuller and characters in it trying to tidy up and finding stuff like a big rug and a chest.

It was written in rhyming coupletsremembers remember. It ended in some sort of big bang and the whole attic was suddenly tidy.

I loved this book but can't remember what it's called.

Can anyone help?

OP posts:
faeriefruitcake · 24/03/2012 18:08

He did a lot of the Roald Dahl books, could it be one of them?

TalkingToTheWoodlice · 10/04/2012 11:24

Mr Magnolia?

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