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what is the girls equivalent to the Dangerous Book of Heroes for Boys?

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ohmygosh123 · 15/02/2012 15:47

It's a great book - but there isn't one single woman in it - well yes I know its for boys - but I would love to find something in a similar style where women take precedence, or even make it into the book. Basically give a little girl an idea that women can have just as exciting time as men ..... well we know they can, and we know they have, but I can't find a suitable child friendly book - so any recommendations would be great. The Dangerous series will tell her how to make her own lipgloss ...... but I was thinking more about riding across the Middle East like Gertrude Bell!

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Lumiya · 15/02/2012 15:51

Sandi toksvig 'girls are best'? I haven't read it, but it has good reviews.

ohmygosh123 · 15/02/2012 20:06

Oooh thanks for that one - she always makes me laugh anyway, so I'd enjoy reading that with her.

OP posts:
TheIIlusiveShadow · 22/02/2012 14:27

DD aged 6 loves Girls are Best, it's a alternative history book really, highlighting stuff the ladies have done or invented along with addressing males may be able to lift heavier things but in an icy water situation 'tis better to be a lady.

We have several 'vintage' Things to make & do which have a far more even gender split, so 'lighting a fire' has a boy & a girl crouched down with matches, pen knives and no adults in sight.

Hamandcookies · 02/03/2012 18:00

The Daring Book for Girls? Or is that what you mean by the lipgloss one? I have the pocket version and it seemed pretty swashbuckling to me, with no lipgloss in sight.

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