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UK Authors not known in the US

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tablefor4 · 02/02/2012 11:59


We are visiting friends in the US and want to take some presents for their children: DS 5yo and DD 15mos. I was thinking perhaps some books by UK authors which are not known in the US. So, can anyone help me compile a list or else kick off those authors who are known. The friends are in NY State, if that makes a difference!

Julia Donaldson
Charlie & Lola
Allan & Janet Alhberg
Judith Kerr
Jill Murphy
Meg & Mog
Anthony Browne
Richard Scarry
John Burningham

We can also get books about London, like Sasek "This is London" or more modern ones.


OP posts:
PrisonerOfWaugh · 02/02/2012 12:05

No childs collection is complete without the Alhbergs and Kerr, so glad you have those! How about Mick Inkpen - Kipper especially?

I guess Eric Carle is pretty universal

Is Miffy known over there (not a UK author, but the books are lovely)

tablefor4 · 02/02/2012 12:59

No childs collection is complete without the Alhbergs and Kerr

I quite agree. I just need to figure out what sort chance there is that they already have them...

OP posts:
JJ · 02/02/2012 13:03

Don't get Richard Scarry - he's very popular there. Nb: all this advice is about 10 years old.

I'd add Quentin Blake. The UK has some utterly brilliant children's authors - we came over when my eldest was 2 and loved the books available. Get a selection so they can order more of the ones they really like.

It's a wonderful idea, I hope they love it as much as I would have. :)

TunipTheVegemal · 02/02/2012 13:06

I got Spike Milligan for my American friends.

madamehooch · 02/02/2012 14:44

Julia Donaldson is known in the US. In fact, some of books have been 'Americanised' - ie 'The Spiffiest Giant in Town', 'Where's my Mom' and 'What the Ladybug Heard.' The Ahlbergs are also known as are Judith Kerr, Jill Murphy and Anthony Browne. Sorry to put a damper on things but if you put these authors into, their books are readily available with lots of customer reviews. They're pricier though so they may still be appreciated.

wahwahwah · 02/02/2012 14:45

Hairy Maclair?

wahwahwah · 02/02/2012 14:46


MrsHeffley · 02/02/2012 17:50

Hairy McClary is NZ

Eric Carle US

You could try Simon Bartram's Man on the Moon books,Oliver Jeffers but he's Irish I think.

For the girl the Blue Kangaroo books,Nick Sharatt fairy tales, Mandy Stanley's Lettuce Rabbit books.

James Mayhew Katie books are good(about famous paintings which she goes into) and there is a good London one when the Trafalger Square lions come to life,maybe for when they turn 6.

wentshopping · 02/02/2012 18:01

I have found most of the ones on your list, OP ( I live in US) - but we can't get Katie Morag books here... don't know if they are too old for the DD; Charlie & Lola, Kipper and Miffy ( a few years ago, but with oh such an irritating voice over!) are all on tv here so would be known. I was given a Mr Gum book for my DD and that is definitely not available over here.

tablefor4 · 03/02/2012 15:18

Thank you all for your responses. I was somewhat dubious that any of those authors would not be known, but you never know. And also, as someone said, they may not have bought them as they are pricey there than here.

OK - food for thought. Thanks very much

OP posts:
floatinglotus · 03/02/2012 15:21

Is Oliver Jeffers known in the US? I'm not sure. But his picture books are lovely, especially How to Catch a Star and Stuck.

tablefor4 · 04/02/2012 10:23

Oliver Jeffers is a very good call. I think that he is based in the States, but lovely books any which way.

OP posts:
fuzzywuzzy · 04/02/2012 10:27

The Mr Men books aren't known over there I sent a friend some & shed never heard of them, her children love them now.

iseenodust · 06/02/2012 09:39

Paddington! The anniversary one about Paddington and the garden has lots of colour pictures and you get a CD read by Stephen Fry with the hardback.

Mudpuddle farm series by Michael Morpurgo.

margoandjerry · 06/02/2012 16:38

I wonder about Raymond Briggs. Very British and my children love The Snowman and Father Christmas - especially father Christmas sitting on the loo

tablefor4 · 08/02/2012 16:10

Iseenodust I have bought a Paddington collection to take as it was specifically Paddington doing stuff in London and I was pretty confident that they wouldn't have it. I have also plumped for:

A lovely pop up book of London city scapes with lots of details, front and back.
Alhberg - Cops and Robbers (cos I loved this book when I was little)
Ahlberg - Each Peach
Jeffers - Lost and Found

and I'll pick up one more for the DD, not sure what yet. Possibly "The Tiger who Came To Tea".

I'm also going to get a couple of Mr/Miss books for my DD1 for the plane rides.

OP posts:
iseenodust · 08/02/2012 16:43

Sounds like an all round gorgeous gift.

Do you know this one? for the DD? justlikeyou the author is English. It really is beautiful.

TheIIlusiveShadow · 22/02/2012 14:42

You Choose was a popular purchase for overseas friends.

mysteryfairy · 25/02/2012 14:22

We've bought lots of the above for my nephew who lives in New York with my brother and his American wife. Would also suggest:
Peepo by the Ahlberg's is a fab one for babies with lovely 40s detail
Alfie and Annie Rose are very very English - Shirley Hughes
We've already bought Just William - Richmal Crompton - nephew is far too young but my brother is rereading these at the moment

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