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kindle and real book recommendations for 5 year old

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incywincyspideragain · 22/01/2012 22:45

I found 'step into reading' for kindle which he's read through easily and now looking for any book recommendations for that first step into reading (year 1 ORT stage 6/7), I feel like we're at the tricky in between stage with reading where I don't want to put him off by putting something too challenging or too long in front of him but he'll read his school book in one night so needs something else - really impressed at how the kindle (my christmas present) has engaged him - technology and a book - winning combination Smile

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incywincyspideragain · 23/01/2012 22:40


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BeyondTheLimitsOfAcceptability · 26/01/2012 18:07

Hi incy

My DH writes kids poems for kindle, they might be good for your DS?

This is his latest one, if you fancy a look? There are links on there to the others if you like it :)

mrspepperpotty · 26/01/2012 22:21

Hi incy

My DS is 6 and in year 1, I agree with you it's a tricky age as you don't want to put them off with something too difficult.

My DS loved the Usborne Stories for Boys. He is currently enjoying Enid Blyton (Mr Pink-Whistle and the Magic Faraway Tree). A friend has recommended the Beast Quest series but they don't seem to appeal to my DS. You could also try the Horrid Henry series.


incywincyspideragain · 27/01/2012 13:45

I'll try Enid Blyton, thanks for the suggestion. I downloaded 'Horrid Henry reads a book' but ds wasn't keen, I'm taking him to the library later so hopefully we'll find some inspiration.

Beyond I'll try the poems too, ds loves the Usborne Poems for young children so poetry could work, great way to increase his vocab without a long book

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StorytimeDad · 27/01/2012 19:54

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