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Do your kids cry at sad or moving bits?

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DashingRedhead · 19/01/2012 20:30

I'm thinking of the Railway Children primarily. The ending always makes me absolutely howl, as does the chapter when Bobby finds out what's happened to her father. But I never read it as a child. My DC are a bit young for all that but DD (5) already cries at the sad bits of films (Disney FGS). What should I expect?

OP posts:
redrubyshoes · 19/01/2012 21:26

My godson cried at a Christmas Carol with Mickey Mouse when Tiny Tim 'died' and I sobbed at the book Seven Little Australians when one of them was killed by a falling tree.

TwoIfBySea · 19/01/2012 21:28

My dts (10) have never really cried at upsetting books (Michael Morpurgo you guilty man) or films but they do ask a lot of questions about why something had happened, or would the character be ok at the end etc. They like to talk it out rather than weep.

Meanwhile I'm snivelling in the corner.

hanahsaunt · 19/01/2012 21:41

Ds1 was nearly 9 at the time and sobbed his heart out when Dumbledore died in Harry Potter (book, not film). We rushed upstairs to find out what an earth was going on and he was speechless, utterly incoherent with crying and just pointed at the page and wailed ... it was quite reassuring really ... that he was capable of reading with such passion rather than just glossing over things.

DeWe · 20/01/2012 09:22

Mine all do. (11,8 and 4yo). There's a particular bit in the "Baby who wouldn't go to bed" where it says "so he stood quite still, all alone" which they all wept over. Dd2 is the only one who really gets very upset, but she's also the most likely to be found reading an upsetting book.

Takver · 20/01/2012 10:10

Not often, but she did when Jack (Laura's dog) dies in the Little House books. In fact she stopped reading at that point and didn't read any further in the boko for about a year.

She also cried when the little girl hears that her father has died in The Little Princess.

DashingRedhead · 20/01/2012 17:27

Yes, Little Princess is very sad. And I was really upset about what happened to Ginger in Black Beauty...

OP posts:
tasmaniandevilchaser · 20/01/2012 17:28

DD aged 2 always used to cry at the sad Jessie song in Toy Story 2

boogiewoogie · 21/01/2012 21:55

DD (4) does in both films and books.

She cried when the bad baby got told off for not saying please in "The elephant and the bad baby" and when the baby eventually asked to go home saying please this time.

Kept crying in Ice Age and asked where the mummy and daddy were.

Cried in Basil the Great Mouse Detective when the kidnapped daughter was reunited with father.

I think dd is anxious about being separated from her parents!

lisa1968 · 02/02/2012 20:45

I can remember watching Stig of the Dump with DS several years ago.He sobbed when Stig returned to his family at the end-and I sobbed with him!
Likewise with the Iron Giant whn he 'sacrifices' himself to save the earth.
When DD was small,she had a book called Dilly Duckling.Dilly loses a feather and tries to catch it but can't so starts crying;DD sobbed everytime I read it!
She couldn't finish The Butterfly Lion by Michael Morpurgo or The Cat Mummy by Jacqueline Wilson cos she got so upset.We both end up crying on each other!!

GrimmaTheNome · 02/02/2012 20:54

Mine doesn't. I think its partly because I read to her a lot, including 'classics' which of course often have tragic scenes (or happy ones like "Daddy! My Daddy") which choke me up into incoherence. She sits there going Hmm until I can gather myself enough to sob out the words. She got quite cross with my abject failure at reading the scene from David Copperfield where, while Dora is dying off-scene, Jip the dog expires .

Film of Black Beauty? Me, several tissues. Her, dry eyed.

She was noticably quiet and thoughtful after she'd read Private Peaceful though.

plus3 · 25/02/2012 20:32

Well, I've just sobbed my way through the end of Kensuke's Kingdom (MIchael Morpurgo) whilst DS (8) looked on with concern....good to explain (again) the concept of different tears.... Smile

Can remember the first time he watched the snowman. Absolute heartbreak.

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