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Dogs Don't Do Ballet - for 2 y-o DS?

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BlueEyesAllAglow · 19/12/2011 12:15

My mum bought Dogs Don't Do Ballet for DS2 (aged 2) for Christmas because we liked Rhinos Don't Eat Pancakes. Now she's worried that it's too girly and he won't appreciate it.

Has anybody read this? Would you think a boy would like it? I know the dog is a boy, and boys can do ballet, etc.

OP posts:
DeWe · 19/12/2011 17:20

Ds loved Elephants don't do ballet at that age. Mind you he does ballet too. Grin

Meglet · 19/12/2011 17:27

I've bought it for my 3yo DD Smile. I've flicked through it and I think a boy would like it too. It's not too girly, it has a blue cover for a start and the dog isn't a fluffy dog.

KateShmate · 19/12/2011 17:35

Ahhhh 'Dogs don't do ballet' is brilliant!
My 5 DD's absolutely love it - I wouldnt say it was 'girly' at all though really so should be fine for your DS :)

Technoprisoners · 19/12/2011 17:37

The dog in it is a boy dog. He will love it.

MarleneOnTheWall · 19/12/2011 17:38

Nothing girly about it, in fact am I right in thinking the dog is a male dog... no maybe not. Anyway my ds had it last year at 2.5ish and certainly enjoyed it, we read it lots.

MarleneOnTheWall · 19/12/2011 17:39

In fact if you think about it "boys won't like ballet" is an assumption just as requiring of being exploded as "dogs don't do ballet".

BlueEyesAllAglow · 19/12/2011 18:36

Thanks all - that's pretty much what I thought, but it's handy to have some other people's opinions on side to calm the fretting! :)

OP posts:
misshappinessandmissflower · 19/12/2011 20:37

I love this book and so do my dcs. My ds would have loved this at 2 but then he went to ballet. If you (and your ds) think ballet isn't for boys then maybe not.

BlueEyesAllAglow · 19/12/2011 22:33

Like I said, I have no problem with boys doing ballet! DS2 is too young to have an opinion on the matter... I have attempted to reassure my mum, so we'll see!

OP posts:
thaliablogs · 06/01/2012 09:42

my 2.5 year boy LOVES this book!

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