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Book suggestions for nine year old girl

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nkf · 17/12/2011 21:18

She likes reading (sort of) but gets bored quickly. She finds fairy tales a bit wet and Horrid Henry too young. There's only so many times you can read Matilda. Narnia too old fashioned. Any suggestions?

OP posts:
JingleBelleDameSansMerci · 17/12/2011 21:20

The Little White Horse was made into a shockingly bad film but the book is great. I loved it when I was a child (still have my old copy).

JingleBelleDameSansMerci · 17/12/2011 21:21

Also, what about the Joan Aiken books? Some are still in print. They're excellent.

JingleBelleDameSansMerci · 17/12/2011 21:22
RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie · 17/12/2011 21:24

Lauren Child's Clarice Bean books (the novels, not the picture books) are great fun.

Charlotte's Web?

Harry Potter?

Pippi Longstocking?

Tom's Midnight Garden?

nkf · 17/12/2011 21:27

She doesn't read well enough for something like Tom's Midnight Garden. I'm thinking that maybe she hasn't quite bridged that gap between being read to and reading alone.

OP posts:
iheartdusty · 17/12/2011 21:27

Mr Gum series

Percy Jackson series, and the Kane series by the same author

nkf · 17/12/2011 21:48

Thank you. The more I look at the lists, the more I realise that I'm expecting her to read books that she's not ready for. I need to find something I can read with her.

OP posts:
Takver · 18/12/2011 18:46

What about things like Astrosaurs & Cows in Action - I wouldn't have thought they were harder to read than Horrid Henry? Would that sort of humour appeal?

The 'Daisy and the Trouble With' series might also be worth a look - they're aimed at slightly older primary age children I would say from the sort of topics they deal with.

Takver · 18/12/2011 18:47

Also, maybe Beast Quest - I know they're sold as the 'boy version' of Rainbow Magic but if your dd finds RM too wet she might like them? From comments on here it sounds like children will read them through a pretty wide age range.

oathkeeper · 18/12/2011 18:54

Im trying to remember what i read at a similar age.

Naughtiest school girl ?

Faraway tree series ?

Takver · 18/12/2011 19:04

That's true - Naughtiest Girl in the School but also other Blytons like the Famous Five, Secret Seven, Five Find Outers etc.

DeWe · 19/12/2011 17:24

Swallows and Amazons. Looks long but the language isn't too hard. Lots of Enid Blyton, Little House, Other Elizabeth Goudge are lovely. Can recommend Smokey House for adventure loving girls. (smugglers) You may get it on ebay, unfortunately it's out of print I think. I assume you've tried other R. Dahl books. Mine never liked them but I know others like them.

Leeds2 · 19/12/2011 17:26

Indie Kidd series by Karen McCombie.

Mr Majeika series by Humphrey Carpenter.

Little Animal Ark and Animal Ark series by Lucy Daniels.

Worst Witch series by Jill Murphy.

Sheltie series by Peter Clover.

Bramshott · 19/12/2011 17:44

DD1 (9 after Christmas) motors through fairly crap series of books like Spydogs, Magic Unicorn, Magical Ponies, Princess Poppy etc. They are not exactly challenging, but they keep her happy and keen on reading.

cazzybabs · 20/12/2011 09:12

My dd who is 9 loves the Clarice Bean books and the Ottoline series. She also likes the how to train your dragon series.

nkf · 20/12/2011 11:16

Thank you, ladies. I've looked some of those books up on Amazon and I think she'd like several. I'm going to read more with her and just see if I can gee her along a bit. She wants to read but somehow gives up too easily. Thanks again.

OP posts:
iheartdusty · 22/12/2011 21:12

just to add - if she balks at pages full of words, what about trying some graphic books?

for example Marcia Williams especially on Greek Myths

incredible bargain collection at the Book People

and don't forget comics - The Beano keeps both my DC reading continually.

Melpomene · 23/12/2011 18:28

I'm not quite clear what level she's at as you imply she's read Matilda (which is pretty long IIRC) but then say she hasn't bridged the gap to reading by herself. My dds like the Go Girl! series - they're very readable, similar difficulty level to Rainbow Fairies but older in theme so would be suitable for an 8/9 year old who's not a very confident reader.

My 8yo also likes this series by Holly Webb

Hulababy · 23/12/2011 18:37

My DD is 9y.

Has she read The Wimpy Kid books? DD loves these.

Other books you could consider:

David Walliams books
Mr Gum
The Owl Who Was Afraid fo the Dark - and the others int he series

ponyprincess · 28/12/2011 21:36

my dd is 8 and she also likes diary of a wimpy kid, as well as the humphrey the hamster series by betty birney

misshappinessandmissflower · 28/12/2011 22:56

Some of the Ramona books by Beverley Cleary might be good? You might need to get them second hand but I don't think that they come across as old-fashioned in the way that Narnia could do. Or the St Clares or Mallory Towers series by Enid Blyton? Is she too young for Jaqueline Wilson?

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