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Join in for children's book recommendations.

Children's books

The Gruffalo audiobook read by Imelda Staunton is FABULOUS

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whenPaschagotstuckupthechimney · 14/12/2011 17:09


The Boy is entranced and the song has to be repeated many many times.

This is very lovely, of course, but excruciatingly dull for me after a while we need to broaden horizons. Any other recommendations for downloadable stories read in an engaging way? Some of the itunes offerings are very bad.

OP posts:
Campaspe · 14/12/2011 19:52

Sorry, I can't recommend any stories, but my DD and I are both fans of Julia Donaldson's CD, in which she sings songs from her various books. Very entertaining, and makes you appreciate what a talent she is!

AitchTwoOHoHoHo · 14/12/2011 19:54

gawd Campa i totally disagree, we got that CD for a long car journey and about half way through i was resisting the urge to drive off the road. sh eis an AWFUL singer, like a mad old auntie in church. books are awesome, though.

nancy75 · 14/12/2011 20:07

dd has most of the julia donaldson books on audiobook, she loves them all. she also like some of the horid henry ones (i don't!) Other favourites are Mog, the large family and kipper. A longer one that she has listened to until she knows it word for word is the gorilla who wanted to grow up, read by maureen lipman

whenPaschagotstuckupthechimney · 14/12/2011 22:13

Thank you, I have downloaded more Julia Donaldson for now, starting with Room on the Broom.

OP posts:
jennifersofia · 14/12/2011 23:14

Don't know if you can download, but my dds loved the Dr Doolittle series read by Alan Bennett.

babyocho · 17/12/2011 21:40

DD loves ten in a bed (allan ahlberg) read by andy crane.

Just got Golilocks, Jack & the beanstalk, Puss in Boots & Snow White CD from library, read by Lenny Henry and Sheridan Smith. It's quite good.

kellestar · 31/12/2011 12:37

Try your local library, ours has lots of playaway stories, like an mp3 player but the tracks are permenant and you just plug in headphones or portable spealers. Good to try before you buy. DNephew 2.9 loves Horrid Henry DNeice 5.7 is hooked on finn family moomin troll (which was my fav as a kiddle) but can'tbeat Stephen Fry readong HP, when they get to that age, DH loves it.

MrsMagnolia · 04/01/2012 11:31

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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