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Guiness Book of World Records 2012 - did you get your free copy?

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RachelMumsnet · 06/12/2011 12:28

In our last book club newsletter we gave away 80 copies of Guiness Book of World Records 2012. If you were one of the lucky winners and you've given your copy to your child, Guiness World Records would love to know what they think. Let us know on this thread.

OP posts:
ASuitableGirl · 06/12/2011 13:22

I did get one but it is being saved until Christmas for DS. Am sure he will love it though :)

jac22 · 29/12/2011 23:58

I got one of these and my daughter (7) loves reading all the unusual entries. Some favourites are the body parts, like longest tongue and longest nails! Thank you so much for your prize Thanks, it made a lovely Christmas present. :o

butterflymum · 13/01/2012 13:11

Finally found the right thread!

We got one (thanks), and I gave it to the children as a pre-Christmas surprise (had other books bought for them already for Christmas, as all 3 love reading). As expected, it went down a treat (shared between a 9, 12 and 14yr old). There are items in the book that appeal to their varied ages, as well as to me and hubby as adults.

The cover is eye-catching and a good talking point (youngest wonders how they achieve the effect), so likely to attract customers over to look at it in a shop situation . Pictures and 'records facts' are interesting and varied, with good visual interest captured in the various page layouts.

It is what I call a 'dip-in' book. It can be picked up and left down at numerous times, whether you only have 5 mins or so to spare, or are intending to spend a longer time reading, and doesn't require to be read entirely from front cover to back to get enjoyment from it.

Some of the 'records' however do leave a lot to be desired, and I would wonder if they are indeed suited to a book aimed at young folks (albeit I appreciate the books will no doubt have a large adult following too, so tricky to strike a balance). Worth making yourself familiar with the book to be prepared for having a chat about the less suitable items as and when your children mention them (and they probably will, as any time any of mine dip into the book, they usually end up anxious to share the fascinating info out loud with the rest of us).

butterflymum · 13/01/2012 13:23


Forgot to mention, this aspect sounds a fascinating bonus, albeit we haven't tried it out yet (too busy in run up to, during and since Christmas):

butterflymum · 13/01/2012 13:24
BreevandercampLGJ · 24/01/2012 18:17

My DS loved his, it lives in the bathroom and I am treated to records on a daily basis.

There was something he said that I thought I must pass that on, can't remember just now, will come back to this.

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