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Join in for children's book recommendations.

Children's books

I need 2 books!

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MogandMe · 15/11/2011 11:31

I would like to get my 4 year old a book about the first christmas - I absolutely love Nicholas Allens- Jesus's Christmas party but wanted maybe another one too.

He is also lucky enough to be going to Lapland to see Father Christmas and would like to get him a nice book about Father Christmas.

Any ideas


OP posts:
AKMD · 16/11/2011 21:33

The Night Before Christmas - you can't go wrong.

And I know it's not a book but watch the DVD of The Snowman with him. It will get him v. excited about visiting Lapland!

AKMD · 16/11/2011 21:47

Oops, just realised I misread the OP.

The Christmas Star is about the shepherds and the 3 wise men (so not Joseph and Mary). I still have my childhood copy and am saving it for DS. It's a beautiful book with holographic stars on each page and the text is semi-religious.

I bought this Advent calendar last year, which has 24 mini books to hang on a Christmas tree, each telling part of the nativity story.

wearymum200 · 16/11/2011 21:52

Raymond Briggs' Father Christmas
My DD2 has "A Christmas story" by Brian Wildsmith, it's only a little book but the pictures are blue and gold and gorgeous. It's told from a baby donkey's perspective...

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