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David Walliams I love you

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Curiousmama · 21/10/2011 14:36

I've been trying for ages to get DS2 interested in books as literacy is his weakest subject. He's yr 6 now. Anyway, he heard an extract from David Walliams' book and he wants it Smile Have to wait until it's in the shops though. I just ordered his 3 other books from the Book people for £4.99. I didn't even know he wrote? Must admit the book, Gangsta Gran or something, sounds a bit rude but ds2 hears worse (I think?).

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DrNortherner · 21/10/2011 14:37

My ds loves his books. We've read Boy in a dress and Mr Stink. Didn't know he'd done a new one.....

Curiousmama · 21/10/2011 15:11

yes he was plugging it on Jonathon Ross. Am so happy I've even joined Twitter to stalk follow Mr Walliams Grin

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Curiousmama · 24/10/2011 12:34

Well I'm so so happy with the Book People, they 3 books I ordered (bargain £4.99) came this morning in time for us going on our holiday tomorrow Grin So ds2 should be doing some reading? The weather forecast is mixed so may have to spend a good bit of time indoors?

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bran · 24/10/2011 12:47

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Curiousmama · 24/10/2011 23:34

Ooo fantastic I'll look out for them thanks Smile

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JiltedJohnsGhoulie · 25/10/2011 07:03

We love his books too. Have just read Mr Stink and we are now reading The Boy who wore a dress.

Hope you have a lovely holiday.

Curiousmama · 25/10/2011 11:31

Thanks Jilted Smile

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