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Books on facts of life for my 10 year old daughter

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April2003 · 15/10/2011 22:13

Could anyone recommend a good book on facts of life for my 10 year old daughter (year 5 in primary school)? Or any advice on how to talk to my daughter about facts of life? Many thanks.

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ByTheWay1 · 03/11/2011 19:32

Our school nurse provided us with a load of great leaflets when dd was in Y5 - one about body changes in boys and girls, one about periods for girls only, one about hygiene (smelly armpits etc) and one which she gave to mums on broaching the s-e-x- subject.

The nurse also gave a talk to girls and their parents (mainly mums but a couple had dads there instead) where they went through periods and procedures in school if they started their period there. So I would start with the nurse - either at school or at the doctor's surgery.

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