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afterthebath · 13/10/2011 19:31

any ideas for a magazine subscription for my 8yr old dd? her older sis gets national geographic kids, so thats out, but really don't want her to get a 'barbie' type with junk on the front....... help!!

OP posts:
IndridCold · 17/10/2011 17:08

DS has been getting Aquila for 3 or 4 years now. He is almost 13, but still enjoys it.

Takver · 17/10/2011 22:09

Does she like animals? DD had Animal Action for a year which she quite liked. It is a bit of a con though the sub as if you buy it in the newsagent you generally get a free book on the cover, whereas you don't with the subscription version, so the saving is no-where near as much as it looks!

The RSPB also do a kids magazine I think as part of their Wildlife Explorers membership package

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