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Toorun · 07/10/2011 17:39

wondered if anyone would be interested in looking at a childrens story i have written and try reading it to their child? i am going to self publish and my own children love it but would like feedback from others including parents whether they enjoy reading it to their child. also whether it should have pictures, and if so hand drawn or more professional. any volunteers? story is 3 sides of A4 and part of a series. age range probably 4-6, and is an old fashioned type of story not modern fiction.

OP posts:
RuthChan · 07/10/2011 19:36

I'll try it out on my DCs if you like.

TheWoodiesinHongKong · 28/10/2011 05:22

Happy to read to my daughter, aged 4 1/2.

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