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7 yr old DD, not great reader, looking for book ideas

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TheEndlessArete · 13/09/2011 13:43

Title says it all really ! DD1 (7.5yrs) hasn't always found reading easy - it's definitely been a struggle but she is slowly getting there.

Her confidence is easily knocked and I was hoping to source a Rainbow Fairies type book that is several stages easier to read than the actual Rainbow Fairies, so that she could attempt to read it by herself.

So a book that would make her feel grown up reading it (poss have chapters) but for the words to be relatively simple.

Any ideas ?


OP posts:
TheEndlessArete · 13/09/2011 18:37

Bumpity bump

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going · 13/09/2011 18:39

The diary of a wimpy kid book are fab and easy to read.

AnyoneButLulu · 13/09/2011 18:45

Captain Underpants?
Scaredy Cats series is very easy to read but a bit grown up because it's horror.
Junior level Horrid Henry?

Yes I know, all my examples are a bit boyish, sorry.

heymammy · 13/09/2011 18:47

Maybe try some early reader books like these

They are a good mix of pictures and words and cover loads of themes so should have something fairy/princessy

Takver · 13/09/2011 18:58

Have you had a look in your library - ours has a shelf of 'early readers' which means you can look through and pick something at the right kind of level.

TheEndlessArete · 13/09/2011 19:24

Great idea about the library, Takver, not sure why I hadn't thought of that !

Thanks for all your suggestions - really helpful, she actually loves books, so it's partly why I'd love her to grow in confidence a bit - she's the sort to disappear curled up in a corner with a book for hours, but can't actually do it yet.

OP posts:
TheEndlessArete · 13/09/2011 19:32

Thanks heymammy just had a look at that link - exactly what I was after. I'd looked on amazon but didn't really know where to start, some of the Horrid Henry ones Anyonebutlulu look perfect for what I was imagining...

OP posts:
Lizzylou · 13/09/2011 19:36

My 7yr old is loving joke books, we've got a Horrible HIstories one out of the library. He loves Horrid Henry as well.
These chapter books just seem to phase unconfident readers. DS1 is a whizz at maths but is flummoxed with reading.
I was total opposite so am having problems trying to relate in all honesty.

Takver · 13/09/2011 19:52

I've also just remembered that the Winnie the Witch chapter books are rather good and might be the right kind of level (and have lots of great pictures).

newtermnewname · 17/09/2011 13:01

Try the "Daisy and the trouble with..." books. Quite thick books but big, easy words.

savoycabbage · 17/09/2011 13:10

I love the Winnie the witch chapter books.

My dd likes the usbourne first reader books. In fact she is quite obsessed. I can't go and look at the titles as she is asleep. There's one called 'the burglars breakfast' i think. I'm trying to remember the more unusual titles so you can find them on amazon. 'stories of giants' is another. They are in chapters. Then the next level has things like the wizard of oz. They are really lovely books.

VixAM · 23/09/2011 20:48

Have you thought about whether she could be encouraged by books that are accompanied by a CD of the story so that she could follow the words in the book alongside the spoken word?

beautifulbooks · 26/09/2011 18:47

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