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Join in for children's book recommendations.

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An impossible task: find the novel about a wild horse...

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AllQuietOnThePippisFront · 12/06/2011 15:45

... that I read non-stop when I was 12ish (I think).

I do not remember the title nor the name of the horse nor anything except it was about a pack of wild horses with particualr focus on one. Something like Spirit but without all that adventure.

Go on give me ideas, if nothing else I'll discover some new ones for my children.

Ah, I was 12 in 1986.


OP posts:
meditrina · 12/06/2011 15:46

My Friend Flicka? Thunderhead (trilogy)?

GreenTeapot · 12/06/2011 15:46

Was it about the brumbies in Australia?

SuePurblybilt · 12/06/2011 15:48

The Silver Brumby series I would think?

thenightsky · 12/06/2011 15:48

Ooh The Brumby Books.. but I see someone already said it.

GreenTeapot · 12/06/2011 15:50


I also remember Misty of Chincoteague ...

and Shantih.

I was the archetypal horsey girl Blush

meditrina · 12/06/2011 15:51

Third part of the trilogy is The Green Grass of Wyoming. All by Mary O'Hara.

There's also Tschiffiey's Ride, but I don't think that's the one you're after.

HarrietSchulenberg · 12/06/2011 15:52

I was going to say Misty of Chincoteague too. I sooo remember that book cover.

BelfastBloke · 12/06/2011 15:54

It's probably not The Black Stallion series, about a wild desert Arabian horse which ends up racing in New York:

but there was a spin-off to that series about a red stallion called Flame who lived on an island.

HarrietSchulenberg · 12/06/2011 15:55

Oh gosh, the Shantih books! I desperately wanted my folks to up sticks and move to Scotland so I could be like Jinny Manders. Every time we went on holiday up there I hoped that they would announce we were staying for ever and not going back home so I could have a chestnut Arab and ride to school.

Strumpypumpy · 12/06/2011 15:56

Monica Dickens?

GreenTeapot · 12/06/2011 15:57

I know, those books were amazing. Although my experience of chestnut Arab mares is that they're all stroppy bags Grin

AllQuietOnThePippisFront · 12/06/2011 15:58

Oh thanks! Smile

belfast bloke, no not the black stallion, although I obsessed about the film.

let me have a look at those.

My fear of libraries was born then, when, after taking this book out so many times, it disappeared and I never saw it again. Here I am 23 years later wondering what it was.

OP posts:
BelfastBloke · 12/06/2011 16:11

If it wasn't the Silver Brumby series it bloody well should have been.

bruffin · 12/06/2011 18:03

I am sure there were two different authors writing books about brumbies. There was Elaine Mitchell who wrote Silver Brumby but there were another set of books by an author nearer the end of the alpahbet. I have a picture in my mind of my library nearly 40 years ago and can picture where they were but not who the author was.

roisin · 12/06/2011 18:18

Snowcloud Stallion

I loved this as a child.

roisin · 12/06/2011 18:19
seeker · 12/06/2011 18:23

I was going to say Silver Brumby or Thunderhead.

ANy Monica Edwards fans on here?

bruffin · 12/06/2011 18:24

I have found the other Brumby books, they are by Mary Elwyn Patchett

FrozenChocolate · 12/06/2011 18:38

Jinny at finmory was fabulous!!!

SuePurblybilt · 12/06/2011 19:00

I re-read a Jinny book recently and didn't like it at all. Loads of moralising about why she should let various poor children ride Shantih and agonising about decisions. Weirdy subtext about her social worker father and his helper. I missed all that before, I was so enthralled at the idea of riding highland ponies to school and having a bedroom covered in pictures of horses.

SuePurblybilt · 12/06/2011 19:01

Oh, love Monica Edwards, seeker (and Monica Dickens as it happens Grin)

Southwestwhippet · 12/06/2011 19:09

Was about to say almost certainly either the Mary Elwyn Patchett Brumby books or the Elaine Mitchell ones.

The Elaine Mitchell brumby was called Throwa. don't think the Mary Elwyn Patchett brumbies had names.

The business in the Jinny books with Ken is really wierd and never properly explained. I also have always wondered if the author Patricia Leitch is the same Patricia Leitch who wrote Cross Country Pony and various other 'lighter' more traditional pony books. Very different style but seems unlikely there would be two pony authors with the same name.???

fuckmepinkandcallmerosie · 12/06/2011 19:11

Was it Spirit, Stallion of the Cimmaron?

HarrietSchulenberg · 12/06/2011 20:02

If I was Mrs Manders I'd have been more than a little concerned about some hippy teenager wandering off over the moors all day with my pubescent daughter! Though not as worried as I'd have been about her spending half her life on (and off) a bolting horse! She seemed rather pre-occupied with decorating their mausoleum of a house, if I remember rightly.

Actually, I had a hot spot for Ken - I wanted him to be my brother!

HarrietSchulenberg · 12/06/2011 20:03

I'm going to have to go an re-read the Jinny books. They're upstairs.

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