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Children's books

other than reading scheme books

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griffalo2 · 25/04/2011 23:36

my ds(5) will only read the books sent home from school
how can we get past this and try proper story books?does anyone know of any books that arn't too babyish with quite easy words that i can encourage him with?
he wont even look at words in books we have, says they are too hard and cant do it,even the high frequency words that he knows.

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MrsShrekTheThird · 25/04/2011 23:39

try story cd's with a book too.
Have you "done" all the Julia Donaldson ones? - a lot of those, room on the broom etc come with a cd version, where you can follow the story in your book. Do it with him so he can see how fast it goes etc, what;s words and what's spaces and stuff, sounds simple to us but may not be to them, esp an un-confident reader. (My ds1 one of those too, now 10, long story but success now).

itsabiggywhatdoidonow · 25/04/2011 23:53

will he use the library

griffalo2 · 25/04/2011 23:57

we have all the julia donaldson books he loves them especially 'zog',not seen the cd ones though ill have a look for some.
Thank you

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MrsShrekTheThird · 26/04/2011 00:01

PS is his eyesight ok? random question, just thought I'd ask!
And another thing, a lot of children ime are very fussy about the type of font they'll read. If it ain't comic sans or ariel, they won't touch it Wink
check that anything you are giving him doesn;t have the curly g's or the "backwards A's" as my ds called them.

goosiegander · 26/04/2011 07:58

Have a look at the Leapfrog and Hopscotch series published by Franklin Watts - these are designed to support reading schemes but are for the general market - and include books such as How To Teach A Dragon Manners by Hilary Robinson and Flora McQuack by Penny Dolan as well as other top authors like Ann Cassidy and Margaret Nash.

griffalo2 · 26/04/2011 09:19

yeah his eyesight fine,he goes to library every week and brings a book home but hes just not interested in trying for himself to read it,he absolutly adores books,i just think he needs more confidence.when im reading to him he loves joining in from memory,like the gruffalo or bear hunt he will finish the sentence but he wont look at the words.

Goosie will i be able to find these books in somewhere like waterstones?

OP posts:
goosiegander · 01/05/2011 09:04

some of them have been in general bookshops but otherwise online booksites like Amazon will have them all.

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