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"Middling chapter books"

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redskyatnight · 11/03/2011 12:56

I'm struggling a little with finding suitable books for DS (6) to read. he is a reasonably fluent reader, so has progressed beyond the picture book/ short chapter book stage. however he's not yet ready for the "longer chapter books" stage. He likes the Roald Dahl/BeastQuest/Astrosaurs etc type books when they are read to him but doesn't yet have the stamina to read them himself/sustain interest in the story if he reads them.

He does like the magic treehouse books but has read quite a few recently so I suppose I was looking for suggestions for something similar. I'm really looking for something, probably 100 pages max, shortish chapters, not too long a drawn out plot line ... (hope that makes sense). I'm feeling that there isn't much about for the child that is ready for more than a picture book/short story but not yet able to cope with a longer book.

Any suggestions much appreciated.

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haggis01 · 11/03/2011 13:18

Roald Dahl's Magic Finger book is quite short, Red Fox readers usually have short chapters and big font and illustrations- Jacqueline Wilson wrote some- such as the Dinosaurs packed lunch.
You could try reading one page of a book and then he reads the next - this worked for me when on of my DC was "frightened" of chapter books, they soon started reading ahead themselves - Roald Dahl's The Twits, Enormous CRocodile andGoerge's Marvellous medicine were good for this as they really liked the stories.

My son liked Flat Stanley, Jake Cake and books about Planets and Sea creatures (Usborne and DK eyewitness)around this time. Also Where's wally etc The non fiction books had short paragraphs of info.

I agree it can be hard to find something "just right". You could take him to the library nad get out a big selection to help crystallise what works for him

Wordweaver · 11/03/2011 17:49

Have you tried Billy Bonkers?

eileenslightlytotheleft · 13/03/2011 10:02

Jeremy Strong is brilliant for just-on-chapter-books readers. Also Captain Underpants is great for boys.

SW3motherofboth · 27/03/2011 02:38

The ORT Treehouse books are really right for this stage. Don't be put off by the scheme thing, these are individual story's just perfectly targeted.

wearymum200 · 27/03/2011 22:01

Usborne young readers are great. Chapters are short (several series, so chapters get longer as you go up), good absorbing stories or factual books. My ds1 (5) loves the minotaur, story of ships ,treasure island.

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