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Join in for children's book recommendations.

Children's books

What is your/your childs favorite childrens book of the moment ?

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kitchensync · 03/03/2011 14:17

What the title says really. Mine is When you Reach Re by Rebeca Stead. It is based on A Wrinkle in Time which was my favorite book in the 70s.

Are there any you would recommend preferably age nine upwards ?

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kitchensync · 03/03/2011 20:26

Hulababy Re choose your own adventure we have this series and they are great

Thanks for all the fantastic suggestions.

cym if you enjoy A Wrinkle in Time i would try When You Reach Me. Did you spot the mistake in the book ? It always bothered me as a child and then it was mentioned in When You Reach Me which really made me smile.

OP posts:
Hulababy · 03/03/2011 20:27

Thank you.

CPtart · 03/03/2011 21:04

Diary of a wimpy kid,
How to train your dragon,

McDreamy · 03/03/2011 21:05

Reading Hetty Feather to DD at the moment and we're both enjoying it Smile

zeus123 · 03/03/2011 21:51

Dd 10 _ HP, Percy Jackson and Roman mysteries (re reading) .

cymruoddicatref · 04/03/2011 18:41

Mistake? That sounds intriguing - I will have to finish it tonight now, to find out.

Fennel · 07/03/2011 13:00

9yo has just really enjoyed Charlotte Sometimes (one of my childhood favourites) and Boy by Roald Dahl.

10yo has been reading a set of 16 Michael Morpurgos from the Book People - history and animals combined.

Themumsnot · 07/03/2011 13:14

13 year old - this weekend has been rereading her Lorna Hill Sadler's Wells collection to destress from revision (or instead of revision quite possibly).
11-year-old loves anything to do with history from Roman mysteries to The Exeter Blitz and those ghastly My Story books. Probably her favourite books ever are the When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit trilogy. I would also recommend the Lady Grace mysteries, a series of Tudor mysteries with a girl detective.
8-year-old - currently Harry Potter obsessed - has nearly finished The Order of the Phoenix.

cymruoddicatref · 08/03/2011 18:32


I didn't spot the mistake - yikes - what was it?

Wrinkle is a strange sort of book - I think maybe I should have read it aged 10 rather than in my 40s hmmm - will be interesting to see what the girls make of it. In atmosphere and pace, it reminded me of Margaret Mahy's The Haunting - another big prizewinner worth reading - but the big religious themes in Wrinkle sort of passed me by and the characters felt a bit underdeveloped and odd - I am sure it helps to be 10.

vesela · 10/03/2011 20:17

Teddy Robinson (thank you, Takver!) and Emily's Balloon.

JaneTX · 14/03/2011 18:19

My 8 year old girl is loving the Tribe series by TM Alexander, we're about to start the third book Labradoodle on the Loose. I'm relieved because it's lovely change from the terminal fairy books that have no characters, or story (or point, beyond the sparkly 15 year old daughter 'discovered' CS Lewis recently and is ploughing through them all at high speed. 13 yr old son just read first book for years, some spy kid/missions/gritty adventure.

cymruoddicatref · 14/03/2011 21:48

We liked skellig recently (11). I had completely forgotten that we all used to cup our hands and blow owl noises to each other as 70s children. The children do this to communicate in the night in skellig - we were half way through reading when we got to this point and I went "I can do that!" and we abandoned the story session for an owl- sound -making lesson... Now I've taught my girls, and they are proudly the only ones of their friends who can do this.

Have enjoyed other David almond novels too - my dad's a bird man - what an odd book - worth reading for the wonderfully crafted language and great illustrations, but what is happening with that story?! I sort of assumed the dad was having some sort of depressive breakdown after losing his wife ... But then I noticed they have turned it into a theatre work for the under 12s - so I suppose I was reading too much into it.

We also liked almond's "kit's wilderness".

Our other absolutely top recommendation (10) would have to be the absolutely brilliant "the Various" trilogy- especially the first volume. Steve augarde

vermilla · 16/03/2011 13:59

My ds (8) is really in to Mr Gum - and I quite like reading them too! Great humour. Ds has four of the Club Penguin choose your own adventure books and loves them (probably more through his obsession with Club Penguin...). Have just had a look on Amazon and if you put in to search for 'choose your own adventures' it comes up with loads. Used to love them as a kid - now get quite bored having to read the start over again. But, hey, if it gets them reading!

SlightlyMadSpook · 16/03/2011 14:03

DTD1 (9) is into Beast Quest....when I can convince her to read....

vermilla · 16/03/2011 14:03

..Oh and Jeremy Strong - short chapters with some illustrations and humour which appeals to 8 year olds. It was all Roald Dahl and Judy Blume when I was younger.

Amanowl · 16/03/2011 16:31

I read "Wrinkle in Time", as an adult & its sequel, which I can't remember the title of, to make sure I was giving her any benefit of doubt. Not wise. It is horribly thread bare, plot & characters, and you can see Agenda! right through it. Shudder. She can write but has no idea, really, of any of the background & colour that someone like J K Rowling or Caroline Lawrence know before they even set pen to paper.
Roman Mysteries are great. Not sure what my eldest is reading anymore. He likes Skulduggery Pleasent and the Edge Chronicles are fun.

alana39 · 16/03/2011 19:38

Percy Jackson and Wimpy Kid. Although it's Percy that is acted out on a daily basis, Wimpy Kid has prompted a reluctant writer to make his own comics.

Lottiemonty · 17/03/2011 09:22

I'm really enjoying 'Howl's Moving Castle' by Diana Wynne Jones - might ease the pain for children experiencing Harry P withdrawal symptoms?
11yo DD loves Jacqueline Wilson, The Lady Grace Mysteries (a Tudor girl detective, basically), and Michelle Magorian.
When you / your weans have read all of an author's work, ask for 'Who else writes like' at your library - they'll be able to help. :)

BJJmum · 17/03/2011 20:33

My DS, now 9, has loved the Percy Jackson series together with his latest one "the Heroes of Olympus", John Flanagan's "Ranger's Apprentice" series (10 books - phew , time off searching for the next series), Emily Rodda's "Deltora Quest" series, "The 39 Clues" by a range of authors so a bit patchy at times, and the "My Story" series set in history eg Pompeii, WW1, WW2 etc

Takver · 17/03/2011 20:58

DD's also just reading now (and says is very good) Fly by Night by Frances Hardinge. It was recommended to her by the assistant in a bookshop when she had a book token to spend. When she got it home & I flicked through it, I thought it might be too old/complicated for her, but she's really enjoying it. Had never heard of it/the author before, but its an alternate history somewhat in the style of Joan Aitken's Willoughby Chase books, I'd say.

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