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Better books for very new reader?

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Mij · 09/02/2011 14:08

DD1 started school in January, and is on the Oxford Reading Tree very first books. She's good with letter sounds & symbols so has made the leap to reading/writing CVC words very quickly, and is starting to recognise high frequency words without much assistance. BUT she's bored to tears by the 'Look at me, look at me on my bike' stuff that the reading books, understandably, have to go in for. Plus she memorises them after one read through so isn't really reading them if she goes back to them, just reciting them.

So, wondering if there are other books with slightly more variety of language, but still lots of very simple words (mostly - doesn't matter if she can't read the whole thing, we'll of course be reading with her) that we can get for home. Don't have much experience of Dr Seuss but was thinking of that perhaps, but the range is so enormous I don't know what to go for.

All suggestions gratefully received.

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LadyPenelope · 09/02/2011 14:24

Ladybird do a range of the fairy stories and also non fiction which my dd used to enjoy at that stage - the same stories are available in different levels.

Mij · 09/02/2011 22:51

I had some when I was little - didn't they do the Janet and John books? Sure the ones you're talking about will be better than that! The ones I kept (like the pirates - love that one as there are two women included) are too advanced for her to read herself, fine to read to her of course, but will check out their current range, thanks.

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feetheart · 09/02/2011 22:55

Green Eggs and Ham to start with, we love it here :)

Mij · 09/02/2011 22:57

Ahhhh, feetheart, just the info I was looking for. Thanks.

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stealthsquiggle · 09/02/2011 22:59

We have a set of usborne phonics like this one (you can see the rest of the set down below) - they are a lot more fun. I got them cheap from Red House but they don't seem to have them any more.

neversaydie · 09/02/2011 23:28

Have a look at the red nose readers. They are graded, and funny. My son loved them!

feetheart · 10/02/2011 06:59

Glad to help :)

Just be careful of some of the others, he does a mean line in fiendishly difficult tongue-twisters though DC think its hysterical at the knots DH and I get into - Beetle bottle battle anyone?

DeWe · 10/02/2011 20:27

Bunny and Bee books by (I think) Sam Williams.
They all start "Here is a house, a house in a tree. The house is the home of Bunny and Bee" a couple of time of that and I realised dd2 had learnt all those words.

KarenHL · 10/02/2011 20:29

Our DD loves the Katie Morag books.

littleducks · 10/02/2011 20:33

We have
Ruth Miskins Read write inc.
Ruth Miskin Superphonics
ORT Songbirds

They are all proper 'phonic' decodable texts with pictures that dont spell out the sentence.

DD is in reception too, she has been at two schools both have sent home rather dull Ginn/ort biff chip and kipper books

So now dd gets one school book a week and i supplement from my collection. She recited 'shark in the park' to us yesterday after being the book at storytime pretty much word for word, so repetition based books are no good for her she does not even register the words.

I bought some from the book people for £10 and the rest were charity shop bargains.

I have decided to donate them to the school after ds has learnt to read!

Mij · 21/02/2011 23:06

stealthsquiggle those look good

neversaydie those too, love Ahlberg

dewe think we've had a couple of those from the library, but didn't think of them as good for reading, will look again!

KarenHL DD1 too, but she's nowhere near being able to read them herself (although she probably knows a couple of them off by heart!)

littleducks will check those out too.

If other publishers can make first books interesting, why not the blooming reading schemes? Makes NO sense.

Thanks all! Mumsnet does it again Smile

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