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Join in for children's book recommendations.

Children's books

Recommendations please for books for DS "that I can read by myself"

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LadyCad · 18/12/2010 23:08

He just starting to read, just got the hang of blending and is absolutely loving it all.

He has asked for books that he can read by himself, any suggestions?

A series would be particularly good, he does love to collect.

OP posts:
Azft35 · 19/12/2010 00:08

Usborne do a series of Phonics Readers books. Hens Pens is one of them. I bought my 5 year old daughter one and she has a good go at it. It has colourful pictures etc. Personally I think they're a bit steep at £4.99 each but they are very good and she can read it on her own.

This is a link to them (no I'm not a rep, lol).


MuddlingMackem · 06/01/2011 18:20

If you want all of the Usborne phonics readers then you'd be best off getting the omnibus edition - has all twelve stories plus a CD: here

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