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The Jolly Postman Christmas edition please help

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monkeysmama · 23/11/2010 10:42

My dd (2.5) has read The Jolly Postman every night for the past year. She loves it. I've ordered the Christmas edition from Amazon three times only to have my order cancelled.

It would make me so happy to have it for dd for Christmas. Any ideas / anyone have one I could buy?


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Housemum · 23/11/2010 11:42

It appears to be in stock at Jolly Christmas Postman

I love the Christmas one, just got ours out of the box for this year :)

Takver · 23/11/2010 12:56

If you can't get a new one, have quite a few listed, though check as some have letters missing.

monkeysmama · 23/11/2010 16:08

Have ordered Play one - thank you. Let's see what happens now.

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