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following on the history book - Is there any good book to explain economy ?

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SAMS73 · 21/11/2010 09:03

I have bought A little history of the world as suggested in a previous thread. Dd 10 really likes this book. She does ask a lot of questions regarding tax,debt etc., and I really cannot explain these things to her. Are there any books which explain the principles of economics to a chils. Her comprehension is good and I will be there to explain things if she gets stuck.Any suggestion??

OP posts:
Tikitikitembo · 21/11/2010 09:53

sorry no but watching with interest !

onimolap · 21/11/2010 10:04

Try Show Me The Money by Alvin D Hall, published Dorling and Kindersley.

Good, accessibie and covers a lot.

SAMS73 · 21/11/2010 11:33

Show me the money looks good. Thanks for your suggestion.
Waiting for any more suggestions.

OP posts:
Bink · 21/11/2010 19:50

There's something called "Money: Bare Basic Facts" which is published by Tarquin ... ds has it somewhere & I was just looking for it but can't track it down. It's more 'financial literacy' (ie how to manage your own finances, how banks work, how debt works, etc.) than principles of economics, really; but financial literacy is probably a pre-requisite for getting a handle on the abstracts of economics.

More generally, ds (he's 11, by the way) likes The Economist yearbooks & Freakonomics, John Lanchester's Whoops etc. Also those Book People 30-Second Theory type books are good. I'd say that if you avoid serious academic/technical-business stuff, whatever is written for the lay reader on economics is not going to expect much standing knowledge or sophistication, so if she's actually interested, you probably don't really need something that is specifically child-targeted.

Bink · 21/11/2010 19:59

I've just found the Tarquin Money book and it's great. It's aimed at teenagers, really - those just starting out in financial independence - and it's very very straightforward & first-principles. It isn't about macro-economics and it utterly won't explain quantitative easing, but if she's interested in finance it's a great place to start.

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