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Vampire book for 7 year old ds

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tummytickler · 12/11/2010 22:55

DD is 9 and is reading the Twighlight series.
Now ds is moaning because he wants a vampire book to read. I suggested Vlad the Drac, but hhe wants something a bit more scary!
I don't know any I don't think.
So, any ideas for a scary Vampire book for ds age 7 (scary for a 7 year old obviously, I don't want him reading Salems Lot or Dracula just yet Grin)

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madamehooch · 14/11/2010 20:08

The Vampire Dusk series by Sebastian Rook is pretty scary for a seven year old!

tummytickler · 15/11/2010 11:06

Thank you Madame - will check them out on Amazon now!

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