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Book suggestions for 13 year old girl who refuses to read!

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froot · 28/10/2010 12:52

She is a perfectly able reader but says reading is boring and feels like work not pleasure or relaxation. This has always been the case and she has never ever read a whole book except bit by bit when forced at school where they have been studying a book. Have tried her friends books - Twilighty stuff and janet Evanovich and Nick Hornby - no joy with any of those.

It is a bit of a rebellion I think as she comes from a family of avid readers - the rest of us always have at least one book on the go each.

However she is getting to the age now where it is beyond a joke - she will need to read a book at some point!!

Any ideas anyone?

OP posts:
loopylouwitchywoo6 · 28/10/2010 16:11

Sweet valley books are fab, I still read them now lol.

BelligerentGhoul · 28/10/2010 16:14

My 13 year old does this too - says she was born into the wrong family!

She liked the Twilight series and the Georgia Nicholson diaries series. She also liked Lord Of The Flies recently.

Would she read soem non-fiction?

DamselInDisgrace · 28/10/2010 16:21

Try Fruits Basket or +Anima. Might get her interested, and still let her feel like she's rebelling against your novel reading ways.

Bue · 28/10/2010 17:17

I think she might need something funny - laughing never feels like work! Two of my funny favourites for girls her age are the Anastasia Krupnik books by Lois Lowry and I'm Alice, I Think by Susan Juby.

pickledbabe · 28/10/2010 17:19

why not give her magazines instead? like the modern day equivalent of Just 17 [old gimmer emoticon]

as long as she's reading, it doesn't have to be a full story, or a whole book.

or get her craft books - like the Klutz ones - she has to read the instructions, but it won't feel like reading.

ragged · 28/10/2010 17:29

Comics (which is as much as I'd expect most 13yo boys to want to read). Jacqeline Wilson has written a few books for teen readers. Diana Wynne Jones or Ursula LeGuin.

Anything by SE Hinton or Paul Zindel (can't beat a bit of teenage angst). Louis Sachar writes a good read for teens, too.

Booktrust list looks good (but might be too old?)

If she's fairly mature, The Book Thief, Pigtopia, The Highest Tide by Jim Lynch.

BelligerentGhoul · 28/10/2010 17:30

georgia Nicholsons are funny - well, the first couple are. After that they are stupid and boring and samey.

shongololo · 28/10/2010 17:33

if she likes twilight, try the James Patterson "Maximum ride" books.

Also, Anthony Horowitz - Power of 5 books

Darren Shan books also v. popular - more teen horror than romantic gush.

These are my DDs favorite authors at the moment - she is a nose-in-a-book child all the time.

bruffin · 28/10/2010 18:35

DD 13
Likes Nicholas sparks
Jerry spinelli
Princess diaries
Finding Elliot
DD recommends a website called coolreads

bruffin · 28/10/2010 18:37

Another book she says is good is called
Life on a Refrigerator door

GrimmaTheNome · 28/10/2010 18:43

What you need is to dig out a few of your own books which have some naughty bits in them and make sure she knows she's not to read them.

bruffin · 28/10/2010 18:44

another one from DD

Waves by Sharon Dogar

pintyblud · 28/10/2010 18:45

Diary of a Wimpy Kid - v simple but enjoyable read

GrimmaTheNome · 28/10/2010 18:54

What sort of thing is she into - what sort of TV/films does she like- I mean, is she 'girly' or not? (At 13 I used to devour my big bros Alistair Mcleans... and mums romantic fiction.)

FessaEst · 28/10/2010 19:45

My Mum had the same worries about my sister and she eventually got into reading via Sweet Valley books (squillions of 'em form the library) and the Point series too.

She went on to take A level Eng lit and now looks down on my chick lit tastes!

As a booky teen, I liked the Flambards series, Berlie Doherty, Jan Mark, Michelle Magorian, Robert Westall.

pickledbabe · 29/10/2010 10:04

on the Wimpy Kid theme - there's a girl version called Dork Diaries - I was completely unconvinced about it, but the number of girls who came in looking for it!

SatinandTat · 29/10/2010 18:47

The Ally Carter Gallagher Girls books are fun and a happy, relaxing read. They are about a girl who attends a girls boarding school for spies-in-training.

cymruoddicatref · 29/10/2010 21:25

why not try something achingly heartbreaking - e.g. my daughter couldn't put Maurice Gleitzman's "Then" trilogy down. Nothing like a good cry to get them reading. Suitably "unsuitable" books aimed at adults are also a good idea e.g. The Tent the Bucket and me?

mattellie · 01/11/2010 17:02

DD (12) loves those Ally Carter books too.

Or what about LJ Smith?s ?Vampire Dairies? books? Be warned, they?re much darker than the TV series or the Twilight books, but much cooler too Smile.

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