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Oxford Reading Tree

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Shineynewthings · 19/10/2010 14:18

Just saw this really good offer from It's the entire Read At Home book collection from Oxford Reading Tree for £15.00, the usual price is £123.00.

OP posts:
frogs · 19/10/2010 14:22
motherinferior · 19/10/2010 14:27

Ooh, frogs, I was wondering what to get you!

muddleduck · 19/10/2010 14:28

do they pay us the £15?

bigchris · 19/10/2010 14:29

I'm tempted to buy it and donate it to school
their books are always falling apart

norflondoner · 19/10/2010 21:49

There's a 2 for 1 offer at boots for calpol at the moment.

FreudianSlippery · 19/10/2010 21:51

I don't understand this thread!

piscesmoon · 19/10/2010 22:08

I don't see the point of a read it once book.

melpomene · 20/10/2010 00:32

We bought this pack on a similar offer a couple of years ago; both my dds have got loads of use out of them. My dd2 enjoys reading and re-reading them. The read at home ORT books have extra features such as hidden objects to find on each page, puzzles, mazes and comprehension questions at the end.

So I second the OP recommendation!

Lydwatt · 22/10/2010 14:50

totally agree with you Melpomene,

I bought this set at the very same offer...worrying at the same time that I was acting like some sort of hideous pushy mum. What swung it was the number of my normally rational friends (with older children) who told me what a good series this was and how much their children loved the books

However, DD (year 1) LOVES them (as does pre-school DS) and it has been a total sucess. they are certainly not 'read once' books and I would totally recommend....

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