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Children's books

Children's books on Kindle

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LittleCheesyPineappleOne · 24/09/2010 08:13

DS1 has just read Flat Stanley on my new Kindle and loved it. There aren't a lot of books for younger readers on Kindle yet - mostly things he has already like Roald Dahl and Horrid Henry.

Any recs? He's 5 but reading at about aged 7.

I've just bought David Walliams' new book Mr Stink, so I can feed back on that.

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madamehooch · 24/09/2010 10:15

The content of Mr Stink is aimed at children older than 5.

I note that there is Anne Fine - Diary of a Killer Cat - and also Andy Stanton - You're a Bad Man Mr Gum - the content of both being aimed at the 5-8 age group.

LittleCheesyPineappleOne · 24/09/2010 10:35

Oh is it? Drat. One review said that their five year old liked it. I'll check it out before I give it to him.

We've read You're a Bad Man Mr Gum, but will check out the other - thank you. Smile

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pugsandseals · 24/09/2010 10:35

You can get 'flips' books for ds if you have one! DD loves them.

LittleCheesyPineappleOne · 24/09/2010 10:37

We don't have a DS, but sounds interesting - thanks.

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