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Join in for children's book recommendations.

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a book for keeps

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TheTeaLady · 27/08/2010 08:22

We were given £50 from a relative for our new baby and I'd like to buy her a special book.
We were thinking a hard back book of fairy tales we can read to her.
Or maybe a box set. (Do they do those any more?) I had a Roald Dahl box set when I was little and I LOVED it.
I have zero clue what's around for kids these days and would love some suggestions.

OP posts:
campocaro · 27/08/2010 08:44

There are some beautiful books around. Two books that our daughter was given -a compendium of stories in hard back-classic tales plus extracts from more modern ones -we read them to her again and again. Another was a beautifully illustrated hardback edition of Alice in Wonderland which stayed ob her shelf until recently-she is now reading this to us aged 10! They also do lovely editions of Beatrix Potter some with beautiful little bookshelves -my sister had one of those and it is still used by her daughters now.

campocaro · 27/08/2010 08:45

If you browse around the children's section of a large book shop like Waterstones you will get a good idea of what's around. Enjoy

Campaspe · 27/08/2010 18:51

Are you looking for something to share with her as a baby/toddler, or something she can enjoy reading independently as a child?

If the former, a lavish collection of nursery rhymes will be a nice treat, and could be something she keeps to pass on to her own children. You could write a really nice message in the inside cover for her to treasure and keep forever.

melpomene · 31/08/2010 12:10

This Usborne Poetry book is gorgeous; great poems and beautiful illustrations.

bwitt · 31/08/2010 13:07

A A Milne's classic books of poetry - lovely 'rum ti tump' rhythmns to read to your little one right from the start! 'When we were very young' and 'Now we are six...'
My youngest son is now 16 but he and his brother have always loved reading, excelled at English at school and are both talented song writers too; I put it down to lots of poetry and readaloud stories when they were little. I miss story times!

bwitt · 31/08/2010 13:10

sorry - rhythms!! Blush

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