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Anyone read Alexander McCall Smith's children's books?

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MonarchoftheGarioch · 13/07/2010 10:47

EG The Spaghetti Tangle, The Bubblegum Tree, Harriet Bean? Spotted them while faffing about on amazon, but there are no mention of them on his official website and I've never seen them in a bookshop which I find kind of surprising considering the profile of his adult books (perhaps they're just out of print at the moment).

If they're any good I think they'd make ideal readers for my 6-year-old, but as there are so many, I thought I'd see if anyone had read them and could recommend two or three. Thought perhaps I'd buy the three Harriet Bean books, but really like the look of the Bursting Balloons and Chocolate Money mysteries.


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MonarchoftheGarioch · 13/07/2010 17:23


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bruffin · 13/07/2010 22:25

We have had two Teacher Trouble and The Perfect Hamburger which DCs really enjoyed. I bought Teacher Trouble for DD thinking it was for older children, but she still found it very funny.

LauraNorder · 13/07/2010 22:28

I bought DD (7) one but I can't remember what it was called. I thought it was about animals! Sorry not much help am I?

pirateparty · 13/07/2010 22:29

Have read the Spaghetti Tangle - lovely lovely book.

basildonbond · 13/07/2010 23:03

The Popcorn Pirates was the very first chapter book ds2 read by himself (he was in y2 at the time). It's very gentle and I'm not entirely sure why it appealed to him so much, but he loved it.

Up until then he'd refused to touch fiction and would only read 'information books' (as he called them), but for some reason he decided to try this one and never looked back He's now a voracious reader (y5) and especially loves fiction, so I will always look on the Popcorn Pirates with great affection

MonarchoftheGarioch · 14/07/2010 00:26

Thanks for your messages - funny and gentle are what I was hoping for, so looks like these will fit the bill!

basildonbond, just realised I've replied to you on another thread!

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nwmum · 14/07/2010 08:53

dd read Akimbo and the elephants when 6 and really enjoyed it

MonarchoftheGarioch · 16/07/2010 16:34

Finally found a bookshop today that had the whole lot! Decided on Spaghetti Tangle, Popcorn Pirates and Bubblegum Tree, but liked the look of most of them, the Akimbo ones too. They were shorter than I'd expected so think they'll be perfect for giving DD confidence to read a whole book by herself - she's really keen, but gets a bit put off by longer chapter books. Thanks all!

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