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p/t nanny in yorkshire

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riab · 08/08/2005 16:45

I'm just in the process of applying for a new f/t job and so if (when) i get it I will be looking for a nanny p/t.
Little'un goes to nursery in the afternoons and we want to keep that going partly to save money and partly cos he enjoys the interaction with other people and kids.
Sooo, anyone who is in the yorkshire area (I'm Hull based) looking for a job get in touch, but also I'd like some tips about employing a nanny. what are the things you think are really important, how did you deal with interviews, explaining the babies routine etc?

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riab · 10/08/2005 09:57


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uwila · 10/08/2005 13:44

I think the important things are:
1- Experience with children similar in age to your own
2- Personaily (some traits son't change no matte how wonderful your management skills are)
3- Qualifications/traing (though I rate this well below experience)

ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS check references personally.

I recommend "The Good Nanny Guide". Also have a look at

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