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Childminders Club - what would you do?

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HellyBelly · 03/08/2005 19:50

Hi (again!)

I have a new mindee who started last week and during the holiday's I also have his brother. It's Tues & Thurs and their mum pays me on the Tuesday, for those 2 days. When I took them on, she also told me that her friend would need the same days during the holidays. When the friend's mum came to sign contracts, it became obvious that this extra mindee was going to be a more casual arrangement as she has things planned on some weeks (visit to granny etc). This is fine by me as she's 9 so doesn't affect my numbers.

Anyway, this extra mindee started on Tuesday and will be here again tomorrow. I'm not needed next week and the rest I am waiting to hear about. I haven't received payment yet and am not sure how to deal with it. Her mum drops her off but the other mum (of the 2) collects her. If I don't receive payment tomorrow then I don't know when I'll next see her.

If she drops her off in the morning empty handed, what should I do??? (I'm such a softy so hate dealing with things like this! )

Please help

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Xena · 03/08/2005 20:09

Hi HB, I wouldn't accept the other child tomorrow without payment. You have to tell her that the payment is due now. Put it nicely but clearly.

lunavix · 03/08/2005 20:10

Phone her and tell her she must come tomorrow with payment.

NannyL · 03/08/2005 20:16

agree... call and let her know that you need oto be paid tomorrow...

ne cheque and ssend her home! (at least shel prob retutrn with £!)

katymac · 03/08/2005 20:18

Give her a call and say - just so you know I'll need a chq for XXX tomorrow morning for this weeks work

Xena · 03/08/2005 20:21

I'd want cash. Sorry but I find that 'friends' of mindees parents the worst.
I will accept a cheque in advance (even if it was the first day of minding) but not in arrears.

HellyBelly · 03/08/2005 20:44

Oh dear, this is hard I'm new to all this and am so bad with this type of thing! Was thinking of texting the parent with the 2 (as we've been texting anyway) and just checking the arrangement is for payment seperate and not together (as she's given me blank signed cheques to write out so far). Just in case the other mum mentioned she forgot to pay or something (as the mum of 2 used to childmind the other girl so now looks after her when needed on all days she's not needing me - if that makes sense?!)

Oh well, got to ask so just got to grit my teeth and do it!

Thanks for your advice!

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Xena · 04/08/2005 09:02

How did it go?

HellyBelly · 04/08/2005 16:38

Hi Xena

First time been able to respond today.

I know you all probably think I'm stupid and deserve not to get paid but this is what happened.....

I text'd the lady with the 2 kiddies and just checked that it's a seperate payment arrangement (as she has the extra mindee on other days of the week). She said seperate and also mentioned the mindee had been very ill that day so may not be here today. Anyway, she was here and her mum said she needed me tomorrow as the other mum can't look after her. I was a little p'd off as I'd planned on spending time with my brother, however, the extra money helps and I don't want to leave her in the lurch. Yes, silly me didn't mention money as I knew she'd be back tomorrow!!

Anyway, I have just sent a text to the 'yet to pay mum' to say I need cash tomorrow and in future payment on the Tuesday for that week. Any extra days required can be paid for on the day she comes round.

Will wait to see what happens and if no money then she can turn round and go home and I'll have my day off as planned.

The 'good paying' mum (ex minder of this other girl) said that she used to get paid on the Friday for the week gone so reckons she's just got confused however said I must tell her to pay (she knows what it's like to mind and not get paid - by others in the past).

Anyway, there you go, I chickened out but have now done it. Well, didn't quite chicken, just felt bad as knew mindee had been really sick (a few of us have had this bug and it's quite violent!).

Will confirm payment tomorrow (I hope )

You are all right, I just need to get stronger!!!

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HellyBelly · 04/08/2005 16:40

Just realised something else - I've almost finished building a website for a lady who's going to be a childminder (she's just waiting for certificate) but haven't asked for any money yet. Obviously I'll make sure I'm paid before it all goes live.

Do you think I should ask for this money up front too?? Just after some opinions as this is a new business for me and it's taken off quicker than expected.

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HellyBelly · 04/08/2005 16:41

I mean money up front for future sites I build!

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Xena · 04/08/2005 19:56

I'm sure you'll get paid tomorrow. The couple of website builders i looked at didn't require payment until you were happy with the finished product.

I still haven't decided what I want in mine but will send you an email when I have thought about it. TBH the rush has gone as we are all full and no gaps for the concievable future.

HellyBelly · 05/08/2005 07:53

Thanks for that Xena, that what I was doing with my current one so I'll just continue that way.

Glad you are full and just let me know if you decide to go ahead in the future. I'll CAT you my details (as don't think you have them) and then they are there should you decide to go ahead in the future.

I've got a couple more to do after this one and then that's it for now.

Anyway, back to original subject, hoping to get my money today - will let you know!

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HellyBelly · 05/08/2005 09:59

All sorted, cash this morning!!!

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Xena · 05/08/2005 10:19

Well done!!

HellyBelly · 05/08/2005 10:52

I'll never know whether or not she was planning to pay today anyway but thanks to you guys on mumsnet, I got my cash


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