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Childminders Club - help me with a query?

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lunavix · 28/07/2005 21:53

Had a phone call (yay! that's a start!!!) for october, it's a little girl of 4, I assume she's starting reception, for the first 3 weeks she's on mornings then by november it's full days. (Does that sound right?)

It's only for two days (which doesn't bother me work is work!) BUT I have my quota of under 5s. I have twin mindees who are 2 on these days, plus ds. But from what I remember someone telling me, does a rising 4 count as a 5 year old?

If so cool - but what about the 3 weeks?? Will they forgive me for 6 days??

OP posts:
katymac · 28/07/2005 22:02

Well technically you couldn't have her until she goes F/T - but it might be worth discussing it with OFSTED (I wouldn't take a chance - but I'm just that way)

lunavix · 28/07/2005 22:03

No I wouldn't take a chance - I explained the situation to the parents, and said I'd contact my network coordinator tomorrow for further advise. My concern is knowing Ofsted it'll be the end of the year before they bother to contact me.

Am I right about the rising fours?

OP posts:
katymac · 28/07/2005 22:05

Yep (as far as I understand) a 4yo attending 10 sessions of school (not nursery - reception) can be classed as a 5yo

Ring OFSTED and ask for an email addy then put it in writing - they have to process it quickly then

ThePrisoner · 28/07/2005 23:13

It's new business and I could stake my registration certificate that OFSTED will say no. If they say yes, then they'll have a lot of explaining to do to all the other minders I know in this same predicament.

These part-time reception children aren't allowed to be at nursery anymore, they can't count as an "over 5" until they are at school full-time, and these poor working parents looking for this type of short-term childcare have a nightmare.

And I also know exactly what lots of childminders do in this situation, but I am not going to put it in writing!!!!

katymac · 28/07/2005 23:14

Yes I agree - but it is only for 6 days....they might be nice?

ThePrisoner · 29/07/2005 07:40

OFSTED??? Nice??? Errr? Can't see the link myself ...

ThePrisoner · 29/07/2005 07:41

I wonder whether if anybody on Mumsnet would own up to working for OFSTED?

lunavix · 29/07/2005 15:59

I know a lot of childminders would simply work the few days part time, what with it just being 6 days that will overlap...

I'm not prepared to do this though. I've already explained to the parents that I'm not registered adequately for their child, and I will explain to them that I can contact Ofsted and ask, but that is all I can do. If they want to use me and I can't have their dd, they will have to cover the first 6 days themselves.

OP posts:
Tinker · 29/07/2005 16:02

I applied to work for OFSTED

lunavix · 29/07/2005 16:55

lol @ Ofsted remarks

Well I rang the parents again to ask for the exact dates, so I can explain to Ofsted the exact hours.

The mum doesn't seem too worried about those 3 weeks, as she's more concerned about the long haul and still keen to see us this weekend. So that could work in my favour, especially as when I rang a friend to ask for October half term dates for the school as the new mum didn't know she reminded me one of those first three weeks I'm on holiday! Eek!

So I've written to Ofsted explaining that I only will overlap for 4 AFTERNOONS, as I write it I know they will say no lol. Oh well.

I am curious as to why they are so keen to see me. They got my friends number from CIS and she said she couldn't do it, and said to call me, but she seems very keen to have it sorted, especially as there are HUNDREDS of childminders in this area who have vacancies.

My only other concern is I had a call a few weeks ago from a mum wanting before and after school care 5 days a week. (which is lots more money than 2!) She had no idea what hours she wanted though so she said she'd definaetly be in contact, then I found out she was a friend of my mindees mum.

I feel slightly obliged to have a space for her, but I don't think I will as the school her ds goes to is about a mile in the opposite direction from my house, and the school this girl goes to is a mile in the other! And I don't drive!

I wouldn't mind but I live BEHIND a school lol. Why does noone want me who goes there????

OP posts:
ThePrisoner · 30/07/2005 01:05

Tinker - did you get the job??? And what was the job?! Oh my, you're not an undercover OFSTED inspector checking us all out, are you? Now I'm really scared.

ThePrisoner · 30/07/2005 01:16

Lunaxix - I have a psychic ability to know what OFSTED will say about your 6 days. No no, and no again!!!

I've posted previously that I had a major variation on my registration from last spring allowing to me to have four under-5s on two specific mornings per week, plus any extra hours to cover additional meetings/training on unspecified days, and this was granted for a period of one year (when one of the children started school). I've had all the children since they were babies, one of the parents had to change her working hours/days. It was a genuine request, and was not for new business.

Since then, OFSTED has clamped down big time on much lesser requests than this - and childminders now are so wary of asking for a variation as they are being refused for very minor requests.

Tinker · 30/07/2005 16:07

It was to be an inspector of childminders and nurseries

ThePrisoner · 31/07/2005 12:00

And did you get the job ...

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